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  1. Thanks for this tip, I implemented it right away in almost all my programs I'll see, if I find anything in the SQLite/LV docs. I'll post it here in case someone is googeling this problem.
  2. hi there, I have used this SQLite wrapper for quite a while and noticed a problem: The testrig software I programmed will probably be used by other persons as well. Unfortunately, some of them are not very familiar with labview programming and will probably stop the execution of the program using the red button. This causes a 'database locked' message, when the software is started again afterwards. So I was wondering, if there is any way to remove the lock (since the process locking the database is still running - LabVIEW itself) automatically on the next run. I know, people should be trained not to stop the execution that way, but this will happen. I don't want to hide this button, since it might be necessary to kill the program from time to time during development. So I'm looking for another way to handle this. Any suggestions on that? I'll appreciate any help. Max
  3. Hey guys, a little OT, but I felt it was nice to post it anyway: I recently installed VIPM and I have to say - it actually is a great tool. Why did I install it? Someone used OpenG in a VI I was supposed to look at. And I was happy to see, that I was not the only one with the idea of having error clusters in the timing VIs / Max
  4. Hi Neil, I'm sure VIPM is great at what it's supposed to do. But just because a car is good for driving that doesn't necessarily mean I need it. In case this changes, I'll give it a try. [VIPM, not the car. I hate cars ] - Max
  5. Since I don't have VIPM (yet), I unzipped the files into my project folder and used it directly. This is not a very elegant way, I know, but it worked nicely so far. The reason for this was, that this package was the only AddOn I needed and I don't like installing a huge overhead of software for functionality I don't need. PS: Sorry for the double post. It said I wasn't allowed to edit, so I posted another answer.
  6. Yes, that solved the problem....thanks a lot
  7. Well this would be embarrassing if that was the problem. I guess this should have come to my mind before asking the question I'll state a "problem solved" as soon as I had the chance to try it out, maybe this'll help another person having the same problem. I didn't install it using VIPM though. Edit: Yes, problem solved.... thanks a lot!
  8. Hey guys, I hope I don't hijack the thread with this question, but this seems to be the right place. I've been using the SQLite wrapper (thanks a lot James!) for quite a while now and I'm really happy with the functionality. I'm writing a lot of data from a testrig to a database on a network drive. This actually performs pretty well. What I wanted to do now is to code a simple standalone viewer for the database so I can see what my testrig is doing while I'm in my office/at home. The problem is: when I try to run the compiled code, it simply does not work... It compiles and runs nicely, I have no access to the database though. Nor any error message. And I didn't even try it on another machine, it's still my lab-pc running Win7 and LV2011. I know, this is not how you're supposed to ask questions in a forum, I just don't know how to debug it. So I kinda hoped one of you guys experienced a similar behaviour and was able to solve it / Max
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