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  1. Mzu, this thread has not been active since a while but did you find a solution to your problem?
  2. Thanks for the Updated version Ouadji! (and Sorry for the late comment)
  3. Thanks for this useful VI Ouadji!
  4. Nice, that would be a neat feature for my XNodes too. Did you use the "ReplaceSelf" ability to do that?
  5. Thanks Jon! Yes, debugging XNodes and figuring their behavior behind the scene can sometimes be a pain in the butt! It is true that because of the lack of support from NI, stability of XNodes and compatibility are not guaranteed. That said, in my case clients always require the source code but rarely modify it themselves, so I was thinking that replacing all XNodes by their generated code in the release version could be interesting... (I would then continue the development using XNodes from my private version or replace back the generated code parts by their XNodes for the development of following releases) If we do not use abilities like "OnFontChange", etc. (abilities that depend on the platform), it would be seamless to the user/client... Of course it would not work if the client wants to modify also the code generated by these XNodes!
  6. Nicely done, I didn't think about extracting the type from the variant! Based on your idea, I used GetTypedefPath.vi which is in the vi.lib folder and it works perfectly in the 'AdaptToInputs' ability without scripting the XNode reference. Thanks! UPDATE: For the challenge, I also tried to get the type of the control by following wires from the XNode back to the control/constant source of the type (since I didn't manage to get it from the XNode control before the solution of Jon) and it works also. It is a lot more complicated (and stupid?) but it works.
  7. Hi guys! I'd like to have my XNode to behave differently when the input is a (strict) typedef but also differently according to the typedef path (or name) if any. In a regular VI, this is easily done by extracting the path of the typedef: Terminal>Control>TypedefPath, but in Xnodes it's another story! So far I managed to get the regular type in the 'AdaptToInputs' ability (which is the common use of this ability!) and to see if it is a typedef or not by reading the properties of the control in the 'GenerateCode' ability. But in this last ability VI, an error occurs when I try to obtain the TypedefPath (Error 7). This error apparently occurs in Xnodes and especially Express VIs when "one of the internal paths is hard coded incorrectly" Is there a limitation due to the XNode or else? I guess that I could get around the problem by scripting the owning VI and retrieve the typedef of the control connected to the XNode directly but it would be quite cumbersome and ugly. Any thoughts on the subject?
  8. This thread has been asleep for a while but I was wondering: Tomi, did you find out how to get a RefeeChanged call? I would also like my Xnode to be updated when a VI on its diagram changes but I cannot figure out how to get this event...
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