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  1. @rolfk thanks for the reply. The code that i posted is actually what i wrote as an example that is a stripped down version of original code. the developer has given two functions in which one takes the struct by val and the other returns by val. what is did was write a sample function i.e foo which takes struct by val and returns a copy of it(explicitly malloc'ed). So i will have to deallocate it from labview.(i have written a function for this dll that deallocates it). 1) "So it's likely that the C compiler would pass it as C string pointer anyhow" the data field is not to be treate
  2. Hello, I am trying to call a function in a DLL whose signature is as below datablock* foo(datablock db); where datablock is : typedef struct { unsigned char data[10240]; unsigned int no_of_bytes; unsigned long start; } datablock; this is actaually a wrapper for a function which return the datablock by value. Labview Import manager chokes and i have to kill labview, when i try to import this function. so i tried to call this function with call library function node and i am unable to get it to work. In the call library function i tried to pass the struct by using
  3. Hello, I have set up a vi in my project where it deploys startup.rtexe, web service and the related web service vi and a shared variable library to the real-time(sbRIO) target. i have 3 targets in the project 1) My computer 2) RT-Target 3) FPGA. What i want is to change the properties of the RT-Target whereby i can assign the IP address of the device to the target project properties programmatically. i can manually assign the IP address by right click on target->properties->IP address. but sometimes the IP address changes and so target cannot be reached and deployment fails.
  4. Hello, I have lately run into a problem of insufficient memory. Basicallly the controller is ever running and i generate data and store it in .tdms file every x sec. and every shift (3 shifts in a day) i ftp the file to the host and delete the file. During accumalation of the data the ram continuosly decreases(contiguous memory also decreases as i have a lot of array manupilations and such). I want to recover this contiguous memory at the end of the shift so that the next shift runs smoothly. this is observed because i saw lot of inconsistency in the data file. Is there a vi which wil
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