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Found 11 results

  1. Can somebody try and help me program this process I want to make in the most simplest way you can (Kinda like with event structures) please. I need it before the 18th of September. Avance 3 (1).vi
  2. Hello, I have set up a vi in my project where it deploys startup.rtexe, web service and the related web service vi and a shared variable library to the real-time(sbRIO) target. i have 3 targets in the project 1) My computer 2) RT-Target 3) FPGA. What i want is to change the properties of the RT-Target whereby i can assign the IP address of the device to the target project properties programmatically. i can manually assign the IP address by right click on target->properties->IP address. but sometimes the IP address changes and so target cannot be reached and deployment fails. i want to be able to set the IP address through the VI and then deploy the items to the target. Please suggest a way to do this. Thank you.
  3. Hello, this is not strictly VI Scripting related but I believe it's a pretty similar topic, so I hope this fits in with the discussion on this board. I am attempting to write a script that parses through the contents of a very large LabVIEW project (thousands of files) recursively and selectively moves/renames some of the files. The basics of this are fairly simple, however I have thus far been unable to come up with a way of moving files on disk that handles all relinking and dependencies without any issues. At a high-level, my question is whether or not the "Move on Disk..." option in the right-click menu of the project explorer "Files" view is accessible programmatically somehow, using invoke nodes. The option I'm talking about, for clarification, is this one: Using this option in the project explorer seems to be able to move all types of files in the project (VIs, libraries, classes, etc.) and handle all relinking properly without any conflicts popping up. However, there doesn't seem to be an equivalent "Move on Disk" method int he invoke node for project items. I have had some success with some of the "super secret" nodes for VIs: However this only works for VIs and there is no equivalent function for library (.lvlib) and class (.lvclass) files. I've tried various combinations of saving and relinking functions that are available, however I always end up with conflicts when I load the project after running my script. If the "Move on Disk..." function is not accessible programmatically, does anyone know of another way to programmatically move/rename library and class files on disk without causing conflicts? Thanks, Ethan
  4. Hi all, We are a group of students from the University of Cambridge who are developing a new data connectivity system for researchers like us, its up at https://rinocloud.com It currently integrates with LabVIEW, Matlab and Python. The plugin will point your data directly at our secure storage where you can automatically add metadata results for easy and fast retrieval. We’re also rolling out plotting features for presenting the data, collaboration features for project teams and an integrated lab book. We are looking for new users, researchers like us, to help us to get feedback from our product. You’ll be able to directly influence the product development so that you get a data system that is useful for you. Know more at https://rinocloud.com https://twitter.com/Rinocloud Thanks, Helena
  5. So, here is the problem: I want to access the build version of my EXE with a post build action VI. My goal is to modify the welcome message in the installer build spec to include the build version. If that fails, I want to at least generate a file that can be included with the installer to label the build version. Ideally, I would like to place the build in a folder that incorporates the version in the name. Not sure yet how to accomplish this in an automated way, but the first thing to tackle is getting the version of the EXE. I have come up with three ways to do this: 1. use project properties to extract this information (so far, a major PITA) 2. extract the information from the project file using XML tools. (also a PITA, just in a different way) 3. after the EXE is generated, use .net calls to read out the version information. My question is, has anyone already solved this? Do you have a stable and elegant solution you can share? If not, do you have any other suggestions on how to do this? For the NI guys, why is this so hard? Shouldn't this info be easy to access? Why should it be hard to make an installer that tells the use what version they are about to install? Does anyone else have their own custom build system that does automated builds to new folders every night/week/etc? How do you do it? thanks for any help or ideas. -John
  6. I am seeing some strange behavior each time I open a certain project in LV2013. For some reason a VI I was working on recently always opens its front panel when the project is opened. And it shows a broken arrow for a few seconds while the cursor is in a busy state. Then, the arrow changes to unbroken. I close the VI, I do a save all (and LV saves 66 VIs for some reason) and then I close the project. When I reopen the project, it does the exact same thing. Has anyone see this type of behavior before? Is this due to something I did or is it a bug? Any fixes/workarounds? i have not contacted NI yet since this could be my fault and it only happens with a certain project and only recently (I have been using LV2013 for awhile now without this issue). thanks for your input. -John
  7. Ok, so I found another interesting issue while programming today. This one took a while to debug and isolate the source of the problem. So, the story goes like this. I was having this error in one of my projects, where I would drag a cursor on an intensity graph using my mouse, but every so often I would lose control of the cursor and it would drop wherever my mouse was hovering. This was abnormal function, because if you keep your mouse pressed down while dragging, you should be able to move a cursor around indefinitely. I figured out that I could remedy the issue by disabling a section of code where I called the "write to spreadsheet file.vi" in the File I/O Pallette. After some debugging, I figured out that if the file path inputting to this VI was inside of a LabView project folder that was auto-populating, then the error was happening. When I turned off the auto-populating setting forthe folder, the issue was gone. So now I've figured out the source of this issue, but I don't understand why this relationship would occur. What does saving a file have to do with my cursors in an intensity graph. Shouldn't they be running on completely different threads? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. test_cursor_moving.vi
  8. Phoenix Energy Technologies is seeking a contract Labview developer for a short project. We are based in Irvine, CA and would prefer someone local but are willing to work with a strong remote resource. SQL experience is required and analytics/energy analytics experience is a huge plus. Application Verification and Deployment • Application: Approximately 30, low-complexity virtual instruments that comprise an application used to analyze time-series data and signal alarms • Project: o Catalog the application components and verify that all components are present o Document LabView virtual instruments in the application: • Summary of VI function • Inputs • Outputs o Configure and deploy application for two new data sources This is a contract position but could potentially lead to a full time position for the right candidate. Please contact Dave Labowitz (dlabowitz@phoenixet.com) with a resume if interested. Mods: apologies if this is in the wrong place; feel free to move it as necessary. Thank you!
  9. Dear All, I'm wondering if it is possibile to create a project template which organizes my labview project as I like the most, does anyone know if it is possible to do that? Thank you in advance. Regards.
  10. Was looking into creating a project template for our team using the new features added to LV2012. Before I dive in an start hacking away at it, I was wondering if anyone has created or found a wizard to automate the process a bit. The only doc on NI's site (http://www.ni.com/white-paper/14045/en) I could find made it looks like a rather tedious process to do this manually. I was actually surprised they would create this feature and not build a tool to guide you through the process of making your own template. thanks, -John
  11. I am looking into better ways to organize my project files on disk. The existing setup I have used for many years is not conductive to LVOOP classes or easy code reuse. So, I am looking for some 'best practices' information on how to layout my various project folders and organize the classes and VIs and support files within. I need to get this correct upfront before I start building and committing anything to SCC, as rearranging it later is a pain. I did some searches for information on this but came up empty. I am hoping someone can post their thoughts or a link to a good article or thread on this subject. thanks for any help, -John
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