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  1. I want to launch up to 12 cloned vi's from a top level vi. launching and then stopping them at different times. I want them to run as Preallocated Clone Reenterant Execution. I intend these clones to run for an extended periods of time months to maybe years. And finally I want to send information to and from the clones to the top level vi. What method of communications to and from clones would you suggest? Thanks for your thoughts...
  2. I'm trying to build a Hex String to send to a piece of equipment... As you can tell by the title... Hex Strings are not my favorite things to work with... The correct output from this vi should be a hex string 0106 012C 05DC 4B36. I don't have a clue where I'm going wrong. Can someone point me in the right direction??? Please.... crc16-2.vi Setpt to String.vi
  3. I want to thank everyone for taking the time and effort to help me here. It's going to take me a few to digest all the comments, but I'll try to answer some suggestions now. 1. Normally I would write one vi and hold the reference and just keep the file open while writing then close the reference when done, that said in this case I was worried about the size of the file and not sure if keeping the file open might cause an error in the first place. I should have tested this theory offline. 2. Question, what does the flush file do? How does this help me? 3. This is a 32 bit machine, and as usual I never even considered the restrictions. I'll look into this. I think this was the normal modal labview error popup, but it's gone now. 4. The Desktop Execution Trace is a great idea... I'll do that. 5. Not sure the leak comes from this VI, but it was the one I was most worried about from this portion of code. Most all of the code used in this portion of the code has been used and run for months without errors. But my problem could come in from anywhere... Hope the Desktop Execution Trace utility helps me here. Again... I truly appreciate the input. I'm sure it improve my labview coding... Thank you all....
  4. ensergre, I'm always looking for better ways to crack a nut... How would you have written it differently? Thanks, Bob
  5. enserge, Sorry I didn't think they were helpful, but your right if I made a mistake, it could be anywhere. i=0 just checks for the folder "Test Data" in the User Documents folder, if it doesn't exist, it creates it. i=2 just stops the While Loop.
  6. I've written a large program to control an operation and gather data. This program could eventually need to run for months at a time and gather data. The control portion of the program has run for months with out errors. But the first test to gather data lasted about 4 hours before I got the LabView Memory Full Error and crashed the program. Now I'm trying to figure out what caused the memory full problem. I really don't think this is the issue, but I was hoping to run it past some experts to make sure I wasn't making a stupid mistake. I'm writing to a text file with an .xlsx extension mostly for easy access and readability to several people. I know the file is going to be large. During most of the operation I'm taking data about every 5 minutes, but during ramp down cycle I'm gathering data every second for anywhere from 5 - 30 minutes. I start by initializing a vi with the file path and initial data Then i add data to the file during the program Finally I close out the file (If I ever get here!!!) Does anyone see any obvious stupid mistakes, or any reason this might cause a memory full error? Thanks for looking... Bob Harmon
  7. I need to convert a string (+0056A4K+005640_000353________) into two temperature readings. I get the first character is the first temperature reading polarity, and I get the seventh character is the thermocouple type. it's what's happening in the middle that has me stumped. How do I convert 0056A4 to the temperature. I've attached the image of the directions, but I can't figure them out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob
  8. James, You are absolutely right, I did drop the address. For some crazy reason I didn't think I needed to return the newly launched actors wire to the cluster... Costly mistake. Thank you so much for your help. Bob
  9. James, The Aerotech Actor is launched to a subpanel in the previous init steps, the actor is running in the subpanel. What sort of bug would cause the address to be dropped. How would I discover this bug, or better yet how would I go about fixing the problem? Should I re-write the Aerotech actor? Or do you think the problem may be in my Top Level Actor? Thanks, Bob
  10. Hi James, I'm attempting to register two actors in my top level.vi. I've done this before in past projects, but for some reason following the same template I'm getting the following error: Error 1 occurred at SendMSG.lvlib:Messenger.lvclass:Send.vi:2280001 Possible reason(s): Attempt to send message to a virtual (non-valid) messenger. Message label: "RegisterByLabel" Not sure where to go from here... Any Ideas?
  11. WOW... Too easy... I feel so... Well lets just say I feel so....
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