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  1. Thank you... I'll update my VI and do it the right way 👍 Honestly I would have never come up with this way... I truly appreciate your post... Bob
  2. OK, I found my stupid... Right after I posted... I had setup my event structure wrong... too fast on the mouse... I was getting the Previous row/column when they were wrong... Not sure why I got -2 -2... Not going to worry about that now... Thanks for looking at my post and laughing... I'm sorta laughing too...
  3. I can't seem to find a consistent means of retrieving the row and column using a mouse click inside a table cell. Property nodes "Edit Cell" and "Selection Start" seem to work sometimes... sometimes I get -2 and -2, but sometimes I even get the wrong row column... It just doesn't seem to make any sense to me... I'm probably doing something really stupid, but I'll be darned if I can figure out what the stupid thing I'm doing???? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know of a way to determine from a LabVIEW program if a PXIe-1085 is powered up? Maybe also if it can communicate via PXIe-8301?
  5. Thought I'd give a quick update on where I'm at.... But first a HUGE Thank You to everyone here... I can't express what a fantastic resource you guys are. I decided to try Tortoise SVN, mostly because everyone seemed to say it was the easiest to use, for a beginner in SCC I thought that very important. So far so good... I created a repository on my computer and (terminology is going to bite me here) Imported my project. It all appears to be fine so far... I know small steps.... This week has been crazy busy.. I'm hoping to actually change some vi's today and see how that goes. Next question... Where to keep the repository... I'm just far enough in that if I needed to start over with a new repository I wouldn't be so bad. I actually tried to start the repository on a TeamForge site but got an error something about Tortoise SVN not supported something to do with DAV whatever that is. I plan to look into this a bit more today. But back to the question... I've tried using a LabVIEW Project that was on a network drive at work, and working from home was painful. LabVIEW would lock up looking for the network drive sometimes for up to 20 seconds... Drove me crazy... This is going to surprise everyone, but I'm horrible at backing up my laptop. So keeping the repository on my laptop worries me a lot. If I decide to keep it on my laptop I can set it up to sync on a networked drive at work. I don't think this would upset LabVIEW too much, But that is yet to be determined. Other then the obvious that I need to backup my laptop. Any other concerns about keeping the repository on my laptop? Thanks again to everyone... You are all amazing....
  6. Eric, I think you are exactly right... My thoughts of a branch was I have a software package and probably 90% of that code will be used in another project. I was thinking I would just branch off the second project and make the necessary changes to make the second project work. It would not be my intension to ever re-unite the branches. Thank you for catching my mistake... You have probably saved me from a future huge headache....
  7. Great Information... I think reading through these posts I'm leaning toward Subversion or Mercurial... Probably Mercurial because from my conversation leading me toward source control touched on the need to branch my software to another project. Next step... download the software on another computer (so I don't endanger my current projects) and give it a try. I can't express how helpful these posts have been, It would have taken me days to try all different source control options available... Just read Crossrulz's reply and it states "just don't branch and you will never have to worry about merging" Cool.... I guess I'll just have to cross that bridge when the time comes. Thank you to everyone who replied... Now I'm going to go jump in the source control pool... It's cold outside I hope the water is warm...
  8. Yes... Very frightening... Buy toward the end it gets interesting... Maybe git is not so bad after all... Pretty sure it's not for me though... If one of my LabVIEW hero's is having trouble using it I better run away fast!!!
  9. Ok, I'm about to show my ignorance of source control software, but I've noticed a bunch of comments complaining about issues with merging files. I'm not quite sure what merging a file means. Could you explain a little for me... thanks
  10. So I spent much of the afternoon looking over postings here on Source Control Software and LabVIEW. I must say I came away discouraged. I've been programming LabVIEW for over 20 years in a single one technician lab and never really needed any stinking source control. Well now that's not the case. But thought I'd just read some posts, determine what everyone else likes and be done!!!!! That didn't work out for me ether... Seems nobody really likes source control after all. Or at least there are issues with just about every option. So here is my situation. I'm still the single labVIEW developer on a project. But the project requires a more structured source control environment. So I'm looking for source control that works flawlessly within LabVIEW and is easy to use, I'm Using latest versions of LabVIEW. Since most of the posts I read today are from years back, I'm hoping things have really improved in the last couple years and you guys are happy as a lark with your source control environment. If you could take a minute and tell me: 1. What type of source control software you are using? 2. You love it, or hate it? 3. Are you forced to use this source control because it's the method used in your company, but you would rather use something else 4. Pro's and Con's of the source control you are using? 5. Just how often does your source control software screw up and cause you major pain? Thank you in advance. Bob Harmon
  11. I've been using this vi to write error information to a log for months at this file path C:\LabVIEW Working Folder\Tester Software\Config and Log Files\Error Log.txt and as an executable at this file path C:\LabVIEW Working Folder\Tester Software\data\Error Log.txt Now for some unknown reason randomly but usually on the close i get a file dialog box asking which file to write... Any idea what I'm missing... what stupid mistake did I make? It just doesn't make sense...
  12. You guys always have the best information/ideas... Thank you all... Since I really like the new entries at the top of the log file, and my major worry is that the file gets too big over time and causes the the log write to consume too much time I really like dhakkan's approach of checking the file size periodically and flushing the file and saving the data to numbered files.
  13. I have an error log and a couple other logs associated with a program I've written. My question is this, when you read a log file, do you expect the newest information at the beginning of the file or the end. I think I prefer it at the beginning of the file... That said I worry about large log files. The only way I figured out how to accomplish this was to read the entire file, add my new entry at the beginning and then re-write the entire file. Seems like a lot of overhead just for a style preference. Is there a better way to accomplish writing new entries at the beginning? Or does everyone prefer new log entries at the end of the file? thanks for you comments and ideas... Bob Harmon
  14. I have an executable that I install on new computer that doesn't have LabVIEW installed. This executable uses a PXIe Chassis and several different cards. I refer to these cards in my software as "PXI1Slot2_AIO_UUT1" and "PXI1Slot11_SMU_UUT1". I realize I need to setup MAX with these names the way I currently have things setup. But my question is How Do You Guys deal with this on a blank new computer. I would rather not install LabVIEW on these machines. Can I just install MAX? Are there other options? Thanks for your input...
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