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Found 10 results

  1. Trying to modify this code I found online (Editing Individual Cells in an Excel File.vi), but whenever I right click on a property node I get "No Properties" or "No Methods". I think it's because the Active X for excel isn't loaded or enabled but I'm not sure. I tried to select the Active X Class, what comes up is Version 1.3, but I don't have a clue what to change it to... I tried ExcelTDM 1.0 Type Library Version 1.0, but that didn't work. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks Editing Individual Cells in an Excel File.vi
  2. Firstly, I'm reposting from the NI Forums here: Programatically reinsert an ActiveX Container TL;DR: My goal is to programmatically carry out whatever happens when I right click on an ActiveX container and choose the option 'Insert ActiveX Object...'. Ideally, I would like to avoid using VI Scripting to do this, but I haven't gotten anywhere so far and so really any solution will be a step forwards. My most recent attempt (I'm using NI's Actor Framework) has been to place the ActiveX container on an Actor Core panel, then use Pre-Launch Init to open a Static VI Reference, and resize the front panel, with the container set to scale with the front panel. This doesn't work, because the static reference doesn't refer to the same thing that the AF then opens using the Launch Actor VI, but ignoring that problem, it also doesn't help with resizing the container. Previously, I manually resized the container, but this I could only do after it was in existence, and so the object was already inserted. My current observation seems to be that after I choose the ActiveX object to insert, there is little/nothing I can do to change the size of the object (I can change the container, but this doesn't do anything to the object - probably the object isn't very friendly-ly coded, but I can't do anything about that...). Consequently, I come back to my goal, which is to call some Invoke Node or similar, to 'Insert ActiveX Object...'. Is there some way to do this? I don't intend to do it often, so long execution times, recompilation of VIs, shooting a cow over the moon are all fine if needed.
  3. Hello, Is it possble to put signatureline into excel footer using Active X ?
  4. Hello world! I am having a very strange issue controlling MS Excel through ActiveX from LabVIEW. I feel like it is likely not a rare task yet I find little to no helpful documentation from the MS side or NI side :/ I am a CLD and am working this project with a CLA and it has cost us over 40 hours of painstaking troubleshooting so far! I hope you can help. Here it goes... I am using the following setup: Windows 7 Pro LabVIEW 2015 SP1 Office 2016 I have created a simple LV class to create excel reports which works without an issue on my computer. The problem occurs when I run the code on another PC - Excel crashes ("2016-12-06_1125") and needs to restart, and usually then feeds an error back to LabVIEW("2016-12-06_1152"). This crash is asynchronous to the LabVIEW calls, meaning that a different VI will report the error each time. The problem occurs in Dev Environment and as an EXE. I have been developing and validating on these two separate systems during the last 3 months of building this project without an issue. The only difference between systems has arisen with the Excel automation. I have now run the project on 5 or 6 machines where 2 exhibit the problem repeatedly. On the rest, I have seen the behavior, but remedy it by updating the ActiveX reference as described below. Other systems: Works: Win 7, LabVIEW 2015 SP1, Office 2013, .NET 4.6.1; Win 10, Office 2016, LabVIEW 2015 SP1, .NET 4.6.2 Does not work: Win 10 (.NET 4.6.2), LabVIEW 2015 SP1, Office 2016; Win 10, LabVIEW 2015 SP1, .NET 4.6.1, Office 2016 "Version 1.3" A strange behavior that must be related, but I have not been able to exactly correlate it with good or bad behavior is shown in the other two screenshots attached. "Version 1.9" shows the .NET library that should be selected. Occasionally, this appears as shown in "Version 1.3", which looks like garbage - it is hard to tell what library that eve is supposed to be and why it would switch on it's own. We have tried setting this as a constant, control, typedef, with no luck in locking it down and keeping the "Version 1.3" behavior at bay. Related Post? In doing a lot of googling and research, I have not seen much info on this. Though this post looks like it is describing a similar behavior, though not exactly the same. Thank you in advance for your help! This is holding up delivery of a $50k LabVIEW job that is scheduled to be delivered by Dec 15 and is looking unlikely because of this bug/anomaly, please help! (you know, the last 10% rule, ahhhh!)
  5. Our client having Scada based exe application (Non LabVIEW exe.).This application gives popup for saving pdf report file,So they need to write name of report every time.They don't have source code of this application.Now, they want to do automation in this. Whenever this application gives pop up for report name it should be automatically name by external labview application. How it is possible using ActiveX?How to create ActiveX object for this Scada based exe? or any other ways to do this things are most welcomes .
  6. Hi guys, I want to use Vi to format convertion, that .mht to .xlsx of Excel, or .html to .xlsx of Excel, Input path of file, output path of .xlsx. I try to find active X to realize the target, but I can not find. I don't know what to do.
  7. Now that it looks like Microsoft deprecated ActveX Automation interface in Excel 2016, the only other interface left is .NET interop assemblies. I have tried to reproduce Excel - Write Table.vi using .NET instead of ActiveX. The result of the effort is attached. There is a big problem though: The Range.value2 property could take 'anything' without a problem when using ActiveX (it was taking any variant)! But now it wants a .NET object. And the 'To .NET Object.vi' doesn't accept a 2D array of variants! So, say getting a recordset from a database (which is returned as a 2d array of variants) and then writing it, as it is, to a new Excel workbook is no longer possible as far as I understand. This is really sad. A 2D Table of strings or doubles is still OK. So, if you need to use those, you can with the attached code Write Table to Excel with DotNET.vi
  8. I need to protect an excel worksheet, and I use "USERINTERFACEONLY" As i also require some formatting such as merge cells and other option I use "ALLOWFORMATTINGCELLS" But I'm not able to run it... it say unlock and than run.... I do not want to unlock do modification and than lock method... Is there an alternative??? p.s. It works with kingsoft not with excel 2010...what?
  9. Hello to all, In my project, I need to capture all streams of video / audio andmetadata (such as a caption, SAP, CC ...) through the TV tuner (analog:PAL-M and digital: ISDB-T) MS6150 developed by MyGica. I know there libraries 1.0 tv tuner and video control that are used for this purpose and can be accessed by activeX. However I can not find any relevant documentation on the internet or microsoft. Could anyone help me?
  10. Hello all, I encountered quite a puzzling problem. May be some of you know a solution or some trick. Shortly As a rule, Invoke Node works asynchronously. If two Invoke Nodes are called in different loops, threads, or processes, they are executed independently. But it does not happen if they are used to execute some function of an ActiveX (OCX file). I need to invoke the same function of an ActiveX asynchronously. Of course, I create two instances of the ActiveX but, the Invoke Node that is called first blocks execution of the second; i.e. two invocations are executed consequently. I need a “pure-asynchronous” execution but could not find any solution. Some interesting experiments Experiment 1. I created an ActiveX containing only one function. The function simply waits for a number of milliseconds than returns a String value. If called from a non-LabVIEW program, two instances of the ActiveX work asynchronously without any problem. But it is not so in LabVIEW Experiment 2. To do a “pure” experiment, I created two independent ActiveX-es. Both have the same function but even names are different. This block diagram shows the same test but with two different ActiveX-es (the same code as in Experiment 1 but the ActiveX holders point to two different ActiveX-es): Two Invoke Nodes are not executed asynchronously. They wait for each other. Experiment 3. This experiment is probably most puzzling. I created a sub-VI that do exactly the same – waits for a number of seconds. Of course, if such a sub-VI is reentrant, its instances can be invoked asynchronously. Now I tested what happens at parallel use of Invoke Node on instance of the ActiveX and on the sub-VI: Now - the show! If the sub-VI is invoked first (bottom structure), the ActiveX is invoked asynchronously. But! If the ActiveX is invoked first, invocation of the sub-VI waits! Thanks in advance for all ideas.
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