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  1. IF you want to debug your program, just use labview option "breakpoints". Then program stops/pause in particular place, and you can RUN to continue.
  2. I did not know it's enough to copy a file to printer name (like to folder) and that's all. I'm always learning:) Thanks, I will try this.
  3. Hi, I test all solutions. Still nothing works from labview. I did like on my picture, without effect. Nothing is happening, when called from labview. It seems like cmd from labview cannot see some files existing in the system. I do not have a problem to call batch file, I can call it, but functions inside batch file are not executed when called from labview. Yes, the file contain printer commands it's basically job file. The printer is Novexx 64-04, it's supporting FTP, but I do not know yet where to copy the file on a printer to print (I can open the printer files
  4. Thanks for answer! I tried this too, I create simple *.bat or *.cmd and it does not work from Labview. From command window of course do. But what you think about this picture? Maybe this is the issue? I can find a file in explorer but in cmd called by labview not. I use command dir /B/S *.exe and search on the list lpr.exe and could not find it.
  5. I'm trying to execute LPR.exe command to print some labels on a printer. However as its normal, problems occur. I could not find answer on any topic conneced with "sytem exec". I already tried all described methods (I think so). That's why I'm asking very kindly for any help. When trying to execute or call the LPR.exe from System exec VI, I'm receiving error: "'C:\Windows\System32\lpr.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." Generally I would like to call function: "lpr -S -P lp C:\test\do_druku.txt" which works from
  6. I do not understand, how that damn thing work. I'm fighting with this problem for two days, and suddenly when I publish my post on this forum I found solution in 10 minutes! But anyway, maybe when I already publish the topic here, I will ask for something additional. I'm trying to do EXE app to control the server and all requests. So I would like to START and STOP the web service from front panel. In attached project, you can find start and stop queue elements, but they are not working. Do not understand why. AND VERY IMPORTANT THING THAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW! I
  7. I'm trying to learn how to use LabVIEW Web Server. I design very simple project to develop my skills in this topic, but unfortunatelly it dosent work:( The reason why I'm trying to find help here is, that the error code do not tell anything, there is no compilation errors, and no mather how much of code I will delete, it will not work anyway. I will be grateful for any help. The LabVIEW example is working. Web Server.zip
  8. Thanks for answers! Yes, there is info about that, but in my opinion refers mostly to I2C communication where you have to externally pull up the SDA and SCL lines. The Vref is an output pin which you can use to pull something up (not used in my application). Used mostly when you want to shift level logic between 845x and device connected. When using SPI, you are selecting I/O Voltage Level which is in my opinion the same thing, but you are doing it inside 845x. There is no info in datasheet regarding pulling up SPI lines. I see it this way. Don't understand. You mean it will
  9. Hello everyone, I have a small problem with SPI communication. I'm using NI USB 8452 module and LabView 2013 with driver NI USB 845x 14.0. As a first step I ran the example from attached library called "Atmel AT25080A Write.vi". The problem manifests as logic "0" all the time on MOSI and MISO lines. No Data transferred. CS and CLK works properly. I never use pull ups when using SPI but maybe I should? The question is did anybody meet the same problem while using this usb 8452 module? All 4 SPI lines connected directly to oscilloscope. Waiting for any reply. Thanks in advance.
  10. I found the solution! I tried to delete the topic, but I cannot. Anyway the problem was associated with Streams Names, which should be unique. Till you are using streams in LabView there is no need to build "Stream Name" as full URL, "ni.dex://host_name:context_name/endpoint_name". Context_name is optional when Streams works in LabView, but it's necessary to have this name when you are building exe files. The context_name is the name that identifies which application context the endpoint resides in. If somebody need more info, everything is here: http://www.ni.com/white-paper/12267/en/
  11. I'm trying to find a way to communicate between two executable LabView app, because of several reasons I chose (associated with my application) Network Streams. Everything works fine so long as they are the VIs. When I build exe files there is no communication between apps. The apps waits forever for connection (because there is no timeout). Did anybody meet the same problem? I will be very grateful for any advices and comments. TestStream.vi TestStream2.vi
  12. Hehe I just did it, post above with picture Thanks one more time for help. Problem is solved, Topic can be closed.
  13. Ok so "FlashErrorText()" crashes the LabView. The Readme file says: I found method to declare 120 or 130 (just to be sure) characters in LabView memory. See picture attached.
  14. It's working! You are awesome man, I'm really appreciate I write few e-mails to Macraigor Systems with no response so I am doubly grateful for your help PS: The only one problem is that LabView always crash when I'm trying to close VI which is executing the dll commands. When I click "x" LabView crashes with unexpected error. Dawid
  15. OK, so you are now at the same point I am. The two first commands returns 0, and disconnect returns 1 (the first command should return 1 even if you don't have hardware - I test that with cmd exe program prepared by supplier). You can test that too. Download zip attached and run cmd. Go to the unzipped directory in cmd. When you are there write: RunBatchFile test.bat and press enter. You should see that first command SetupandConnect will pass. I forgot to say, you have to edit first line of "test.bat", and put your localization to conf.ocd, for example I have: "C:\Users\stn_dak\Desktop\F
  16. I remove the dynamic path, but I don't have any error or broken arrow. The VI behave the same like with dynamic path.
  17. Thank you for very quick answer! I'm not so experienced programmer like you and I will be thankful If you will say something more what you mean by: "The DLL doesn't load on my system...." Maybe it doesn't load on my PC too. Anyway I don't know what doesn't mean. I tried to look for "Borland C Runtime library" and I install something but I'm not pretty sure if it's exactly what you said I should have (installed C++ free compiler http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/20633 where it says there is Borland C/C++ Runtime Library included). I read on forums that LabView handles pointers but sin
  18. Hello, I write here a topic, because I'm looking for a help since I can not deal with some issue for a long time. I'm trying to write LabView program which will program uC flash using JTAG usbWiggler manufactured by Macraigor Systems. The manufacturer provides customers with program to do whole staff connected with programming, but it's stand alone app and I would like to build the programming process into the test sequence performed by LabView (program + test). Additionally the manufacturer provides a library to call various functions related to programming, erasing etc. I tried to write
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