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  1. Hi LAVers, does anyone have an idea or starting point on how to create the abstraction needed to implement a simple serial communication protocol through various serial communication types such as RS-232, USB or Ethernet without duplicating all the code that takes care of the framing, payload and such? Thanks in advance Markus
  2. So I heard back from instrument.drivers@ni.com and I think it should be ok to post their reply here in the forum for everyone to read. Some of the suggestions may even be up for discussion, such as the recommendation to go about and use the 2014 Revision (what about backwards compatibility?) So again, thanks for the suggestion to contact them. ============================================================== Yes, the best starting point would be the Instrument Driver Guidelines and the Templates, but use the 2014 Revision. If you do not have 2014, we have saved them templates back to
  3. Hi everyone, so we have a device for measurement & signal generation and want to make it accessible through VISA say by Ethernet / USB / Serial. Other than the VISA driver template and the SCPI parser that must be implemented on the device, does anyone offer a good starting point on how to make a device talk VISA and maybe even get it certified by NI? Thanks in advance
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