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  1. Hi all, It seems that what you want to do is solved using Wezarp! Have a look on our website www.wezarp.com Insert the Wezarp Server VI into your diagram. Install Wezarp for Android on your mobile device (Windows and iOS is also available). Set the IP address...that's all Best regards Jeff
  2. Hi all, I'm happy to announce that Wezarp Client for Android is today available on Google play! Jeff from Wezarp
  3. Hi JKSH Different clients can't work on different windows at the same time. You will have to switch from one to other window, and whatever the server or client(s) side it will show the active window. Best regards Jeff from Wezarp
  4. Hi everybody Wezarp will be on the LVTN very soon. In the meantime we can send you a quote. Just ask at sales@wezarp.com The price is 2450 Euros for one development computer. Then you will be able to create any NI LabVIEW application including Wezarp server and deploy all the executables you want without any runtime to pay. All Wezarp client are free of charge. Don't hesitate to ask for further information ! Jeff from Wezarp
  5. Wezarp allows a software application to be controlled by a remote device such as a tablet, a smartphone or a computer. The first release of our website www.wezarp.com is now online !!! Wezarp for NI LabVIEW is available... Don't hesitate to download and try the 30-day free trial version ! Here is a video demonstration on how to use Wezarp with NI LabVIEW
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