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  1. Hello, here is an example of for saving for Data over Two Channels with TDMS. Data of each Channel are represented in a Sequence. Because need to save at least 15 Channels ( each channel more than 4 data), what i need to know according to my uploaded VI is if There is another better way to save Data. The problem is for each data to save i need the TDMS-Write Vi, that means for 40 channels i will nead 40 TDMS-write VI. Another Question is how can i use TDMS so that for each Channel i have a file with a name (which contains also Data). I will be greatful for any suggestions. Thanks Forum.vi
  2. I thank you for the reply Tim_S. The produced data must be only saved for further utilization for example Matlab and excel. Generally for each Data name-Type (FFT, PSD...) at least 2048 Data must be saved. The acquisitions were coming from 15 channels. I have now a problem how to create a VI to save these. I need a basic structur. Thank.
  3. Helle Everybody, In my Labview Project im acquiring data from five 3d-accelerometer-sensors and calculating with some condtion FFT PSD and Mean RMS of Data. For the acquision there are 15 Channels available. and for each channel i need to save at least 4 Data (FFT, PSD, RMS ..). Im now cofusing how to save these and looking for the best way the save the data. The Data muss be save continuosly while the Loop run. I thing TDMS could do the best job but how to use it i even ain't know cause im new programming in LV. A screenshot for the Plot Data needed to save is attached below. It concern only one Sensor. The others are in Case-Structure. I will be grateful for every suggestions.
  4. Hello everybody. I'm about to acquire Data with DAQmx. As the attached Vi shows, the data muss be acquired continuously in the loop since save pressed. once save pressed the data will be acquired and saved until the stop-condition is verified. Setting-parameter for the Acquisition are sample frequency: 12500 Hz, number of Sample: 2048, Timing for the save 2 min, meaning after 732 Iteration. my question is: how could i set the loop condition so that by pressing save the iteration reset and start to count from 1 to 732 and store data during that elapsed time? Thank you so much for the suggestions. test.vi
  5. hello I tried to do astep with my project. I'm now able to recieve Signal. but in Aquiring state the acquisition must run 2 min before leave the look inside. Another problem that i have is why by droping of a step o another the graph other step don`'t run?. Please check the attached Vi Thank you for your help Testprog.vi State.ctl
  6. Hello ensegre,Thank you for the Advice. I will try to write the code using the way as its describe in the Vi uploaded.
  7. Hello ensegre,I thank you for the Quite reply, i'm not able to open you VI. Please can you upload it so that It can be opened with LV 2011 or LV2013? Another Question you mention that i used DAQmx for the the Projet i am supposed to work with 15 channel. Does it also work with multiple channels?. Thank you.
  8. Hi ensegre, thank you for the reply. I have tried now to emplement with one chanel as testprogram. The Acquisition is suppose to stop automatically after 2 min. the data will be also save. Now i want to seperate each task. I want to seperate for example save button, save only by press button, i also want that after complete the acquisition the program return to start until Stop is pressed. As summary how can i seperate acquire, stop, save and reset and restart. The VI for the one channel testprogramm is attached below. Thanks vormessung b.vi
  9. Hello, I'm new in LV- Programming and have a Project in Data acquision field. Data must be acquire from 15 channels, FFT and PSD- Graph must be view in Live during acquisition and then the Data must be saved over 2 min as Array for Postworking. During The acqusition the user will be able to start, reset,restart and stop the acquisition. Im now looking for how to structure the program to have a modulare and simple Program without spaghetti-code. question: 1-How can i really strukture this? 2- It seems like even structur is one of the way but i don't really know how use it. For more comprehension i attach basic-structures how the programm will work. Thank you
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