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  1. HI,Irene I can't open this linkļ¼ŒCan you send the Evaluation Ivision LabVIEW Toolkit to me? I have a project with OpenCV, I would try this toolkit in my project. thanks! my E-mail: wang.wensong@byd.com or wang_wensong@163.com
  2. ttkx

    erratic problem

    QUOTE(BrokenArrow @ Nov 14 2007, 04:06 AM) Sorry,I'm ignorant. :headbang: ,but please help me !I don't know the "workaround", maybe I have less knowledge for LabVIEW,I'm new. Would you like explain the "workaround",thank you ! I have another problem , why use the value property node, the Table Control Display Ok? Maybe I ask a babyish problem, I make my excuses first,sorry! :worship:
  3. Change the property of Table Control ,I find the Table Control display is foul-up. the property is cell Blackground color , change the cell Blackground color to achromaticity, then the Table Control Display data is superposition. but updata the Table Control use the value property node ,the display is OK? Why? That question is a real puzzler! Lv8.2
  4. QUOTE(Jim Kring @ Nov 12 2007, 05:52 AM) I want to Know that ,too!
  5. If you want to get "GET DEVICE DESCRIPTOR",you can use setup package by standard request. sure,by CONTROL transfers . I guessed you already creat driver by VISA Driver Development Wizard.
  6. That's good! :thumbup: Thank you very much!
  7. sorry to interrupt ! I have a trouble! how to achieve the Camshift arithmetic use Labview IMAQ Vision. I find it in the OpenCV ,but in LabVIEW,I do not achieve it! Please give me some advice! :headbang:
  8. hello ,ni hao welcom!I am from shenzhen!
  9. Are you sure the firmware code(Device software ) is ok? Please use USB View tool detect your Device. If it detect the device and view PID &VID,then use VISA Driver Wizard . Of course,you can use Driver Wizard creat driver(.inf and .sys), too.
  10. thank you! sorry,I don't clearly describe it. It is only the simple application. which person certainly doesn't need to examine, so long as examines the general position of person face and the eye condition, for example: Closes one's eyes or opens eyes. It is used for identifying driver weary condition . I think it is possible to use the complexion similar skin color model for detaching face area. but I don't have method for getting skin color model. the skin color model include RGB ,then add offset color(RGB), according to that, detach face area. Would you think my idea is feasible ?
  11. My name is ttkx, from china. how do you think i can identify the human face using IMAQ and if there is any labview example code or any other details which can help me please send me the necessarry information as early as possible. I already got image from USB Camera with LabVIEW, I try some methods with Vision toolkit , but the result is unsatisfactory.
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