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  1. Oh shoot you are right! thank you!
  2. That method will only work if I have that specific (And a few more cases) of rows/columns in the array. I would like to find a method that would work regardless of the number of rows/columns. If the array contents was: elephant crow dog goat seal giraffe eagle cat fly Panda ant pig horse bee crocodile then multiplying the row size by the column size would not get me the linear element of crocodile, which would be 14
  3. Is there still any way to get 11 or 12 from that 2d array? I can think of one way, using a for loop and then iterating until the end of array becomes true, and then storing that iteration outside the for loop, at least I think that will work, but I would think there would be a better way of doing it
  4. 1: How to get last index, not last element, but last index number of an 2d array? Also 2: say 2d array has contents elephant crow dog goat giraffe eagle cat fly ant pig horse bee How to get that the bee is the 12th or 11th index in the array? (11 if you count elephant as zero index, 12 if you count elephant as first index), meaning I want the index number 11 or 12, not "bee"
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