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  1. Mikael, your UML diagram really gave me some good idea Daklu, Lapdog library is very useful. Sequencer lib example provided more insights on OOP programming.Your threads are very useful for a OOP novice like me. However in Seq library , it appears more importance is given to the handling of messages rather than the tests to be done.A new developer will little knowledge in OOP (like me ) would find it hard to debug.
  2. Thanks again .I will take few days/weeks!! to understand this as Iam new to OOP concepts
  3. Yes,Test Stand isn't a option for me. Daklu, Can you please post ' SampleApp.lvlib'.I don't find it in the above attachment.Thanks for the Sequencer library
  4. Hi All, I have a application where in 3 types of boards has to be tested. Board A - 12 tests Board B - 7 tests Boars C - 5 tests All these 24 tests has to be done sequentially.The user can disable certain tests.So the number of tests are not fixed.What would be the best LVOOP architecture(Pattern) to be used for this application. Should I use Factory pattern with Classes for each tests which means 24 + classes.I welcome suggestions or any examples.
  5. Another option. Not the best Go back in time a month ( change the system time ) Launch LabVIEW. You should get the evaluation for LV8.0
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