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About Me

Chief test engineer, responsible of test development in an electronic manufacture.

I designed and developed a test framework that offers the following capability:

HAL "Hardware abstraction layer" for every possible instrument that we use; even Hipot tester. A s well as many supported protocol (CAN, arinc, ethernet, 1-wire, SPI, I2C, BIO bus, Echelon bus, SMEMA... and many more. still growing everyday

Unique jig identification and jig usage count

Multiple language GUI

Multiple position test capability in parallel or asynchronous mode

Debug step by step for test sequence

Test result database and analytic tools

HTML, XML and other proprietary test report + viewer

Shop floor integration

GUI that integrates every possible use case that we encountered (video, image question, pdf, warning etc...) in any language that the test sequence want,s to support

Camera integration for bar code scanning, LED detection, switch position and other visual inspection (no IMAQ for license cost reason)

Robot control integration

All that... in LabVIEW

My job is so cool. I'm having fun every single day!!!

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