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  1. Amazing VI, but very slow. It takes many second to parse 2 Mb of Data. Is it possible to make that multiple processing in some way? I cannot find another encryption that will work with the input and output of those. Did you follow 100% the standard? Thanks Benoit
  2. Benoit

    SHA-1, SHA-2 hash, HMAC and AES function

    I didn't found what is the details of the standard that is used. ECB or CBC I cannot find any other external tool that will correctly decrypt the information correctly. Benoit
  3. Benoit

    SHA-1, SHA-2 hash, HMAC and AES function

    Good job by the way. Benoit
  4. Benoit

    SHA-1, SHA-2 hash, HMAC and AES function

    Igor, your link is down. Benoit
  5. A simple solution for you would be to work with a copy of the project and then whatever you want except deleting... then no crash and you project original remain clean... by the way, project and library are only .xml files. Benoit
  6. You might have some VI that are not saved may be read only that reference a VI in that folder even this VI do not exist... The question is why those virtual folder are empty? what is the last action before? It is possible that you deleted library as well that where on those virtual folder.
  7. Benoit

    LabView Memory Full Error

    Are you sure it comes from that VI? As I understand this VI is called with different function on every call. the one that will be called the most will be "Log Data". So I strongly suggest to create a unit test with your VI called multiple time with this function to validate if the leak comes from there. But I am pretty sure not... What the rest of you project is doing? Other question... what is the file size generated? Benoit
  8. Benoit

    moving circle in X-Y graph

    I'll say that you understand how to add a value to make it move, but for the rest, the architecture need to be revised. Look at the example i suggested you. Benoit
  9. Benoit

    moving circle in X-Y graph

    Look at the LabVIEW example Dynamic Event Generation.vi And learn LabVIEW basic. I cannot give you all the answer to easily, where will be the fun to learn LabVIEW. Benoit
  10. Benoit

    moving circle in X-Y graph

    After the sin and cos, add or subtract a number of you choice. To make it live, use a event structure in a while loop. Benoit
  11. Hey guys, Can you take a look at this? The only work around I found is to dynamically open the connection with an external VI to make it fail so the second time it works. If anyone has an instrument that communicate trough TCP-IP with VI, please try on your side with LabVIEW 2018 and visa 18. https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/VISA-error-with-TCP-IP-BK-precision-2190E/m-p/3876316 Thanks
  12. I think the biggest mistake from NI was to not add 20 years experienced user into their development team. I believe they only put marketing people and some developer... but no real user. Benoit
  13. Python for me is a script language not a programming language. 😉 Benoit
  14. What about ODBC support? I have a huge project with a superb HAL implemented. I cannot see how I can migrate that to NXG. I feel like having 20 years of my career but on the garbage with NXG. This is not happening with other text language where stuff change, but do not receive a huge refactoring. I guess this is what happens with proprietary language. you use what they offer, not what people really needs. The only good thing for now if the Unicode support. Benoit
  15. Thanks, I'm not a specialist on MIPI. Those information are very useful. Benoit
  16. Benoit

    X-Control : Data Changed? Event not happening

    Zip offers a better portability. In forum, portability prevail over effectiveness of compression. By the way 7zip offer a better one. 😉
  17. Benoit

    MCP2221A library

    Version 1.0.0


    There it is. The complete library for the MCP2221A. I2c adapter, I/O in a single IC. I love that one. Let me know if any bug is found. I try to make that library as much convenient as possible to use. Two version available 32 bit and 64 bit. little note: to open by serial number, the enumeration need to be activated on the device first. (open by index, enable the enumeration) It needs to be done only once in the life time of the device. PLEASE do not take ownership of this work since it is not yours. You have it for free, but the credit is still mine... I spent many hours of my life to make it works.
  18. Cool. Here are some suggestions: -Unique serial number that can be accessed by software -Allow possibility to have more than one lens. (Be able to have 3 cm from the lens can be good for inspection) Having low distortion lens is good to. -Adaptable to standard lens on the market (stay low cost if possible) -Having a microbolometer camera would be amazing. -Having multiple choice for resolution 1MP to 24 MP -Add distortion correction by software according to the lens -If you ever be able to create a 3D (imply using double camera) would be amazing (one frame on 2 for each side) -Some of your option in the survey should be all possible. (software or hardware triggered) -Having the option to buy or not the housing What will be the maximum length for the cable? Benoit
  19. Benoit

    Wiki News!

    I like it.
  20. Benoit

    We've moved!

    Is clicking on the adds bring more money to LAVA? Benoit
  21. Benoit

    start with xml data

    Good! But don't forget to keep your code clean. Have fun!
  22. Benoit

    start with xml data

    Because your file do not respect the standard .xml. Use the solution I proposed to you earlier and all your problems will be gone. The solution I proposed to you will work with any TXT base file like TXT, CFG, INI, TAB, CSV, HTML, XML and many more. Benoit
  23. Benoit

    start with xml data

    just change the number of index. Benoit

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