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  1. Yes, Everything started with that article exactly... I've read it and I was thunderstruck. For your info, there is no overflow error.. At first I wanted to introduce it, than I got bored and I had enough of all the rest That could be another implementation, but I wanted to make some excercize about classes, and inheritance and so on.. so I choosed to make more classes...
  2. If you have ever played Pac Man maybe you have noticed that each ghost has its own personality (i. e. Chasing technique) the base is common but they are choosing their target differently:that why I have made a different class for each one of them Inky s target is dependin also on Blinky s position. Ciao!
  3. Wow thanks for your compliments.. They came boosted by the initial critics.. I'll consider for sure your advice and I totally agree with you about the security of hiding credentials in such a way.. I have thought exactly what you wrote but I was in a hurry to post you the source code to demonstrate my good will Sincerely I have nothing more than that hiscore on that website so if someone likes wasting his time to hack it .. well he's fully welcomed, I don't care. I'll keep thinking about a better solution but it's not a high priority issue! Thanks again..I hope to see your hiscore
  4. https://lavag.org/files/file/281-hackman-pacman-clone/ here you have the source guys!
  5. You cannot break it if you know how to fix it

  6. Whoa... I wasn't expecting that kind of reaction.. but you're right.. why should you trust me.. Ok.. if you want to try and be sure I'm not stealin your soul, you can disconnect from the internet and play it offline.. It is just making 2 ftp call anyway (and you can trace it is pointing on the same altervista space), the first get the highest score, the second upload your highscore (only if you make it!). I think you can also deny permission to go online, and it will work offline. I'll post code soon, stay tuned Ciao!
  7. Good morning everybody, I'm new to the forum and I'd like to show you my last creation as a presentation. It is called Hackman, and it is a PacMan clone I've made while trying some OOP in Labview. I have programmed chasing and moving methods as in the original arcade. From the website http://hackyourpack.altervista.org/ you can download the executable... If anybody's interested I can provide source. It is keeping track of the global high score.. so try it and put your name on it, so everybody will know your mastery! Ciao! Ubbi
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