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  1. Hi there from the future! I stumbled upon the same problem due to this exact .NET bug in labview, which apparently is known to NI since at least 2014 and hasn't been fixed 5 years later. The issue is that you can't select the constructor with CompressionMode as parameter - it's always overridden with the version using CompressionLevel as parameter. So you can use it for compression (because the default CompressionMode is compression) but you can't decompress. Anyway, thanks for the great workaround and the excellent explanation - that's rare to find!
  2. Hi, I'm wondering whether there is a way to monitor the SVE (or single processes/variables) on a per-client basis. The purpose of this would be network diagnostics or access control. I know the DSC module allows logging of data and events for shared variables, such as the very handy "value changed" event, but they contain no client-related information (to my knowledge), such as the client name or IP address. Are there any other shared variable events besides the value changed notification (e.g. "variable accessed"), which I have missed? Anyway, the SVE seems to be aware of clients, because it allows some access control through the DSC module (and with a bit of hacking even programmatically). You can define access control lists based on computer name or IP address, which is very buggy, but it works somewhat. Is it possible to somehow access this client information (number of clients, names/addresses and activities) from the SVE? I don't see any tools for that, but maybe there is an underlying API through DLL calls or whatever?
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