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  1. Thanks, I was not aware of the hidden gems package and it looks like there is a function there for moving libraries on disk. Looking at the block diagram of that VI, it seems that there is a specific order of operations in saving the various project items to ensure the linking stays in tact. We will work with that and see if we can get our project to work.
  2. Hello, this is not strictly VI Scripting related but I believe it's a pretty similar topic, so I hope this fits in with the discussion on this board. I am attempting to write a script that parses through the contents of a very large LabVIEW project (thousands of files) recursively and selectively moves/renames some of the files. The basics of this are fairly simple, however I have thus far been unable to come up with a way of moving files on disk that handles all relinking and dependencies without any issues. At a high-level, my question is whether or not the "Move on Disk..." option
  3. Thanks, this is likely what I will do since I don't see this tool being useful on systems without the LabVIEW development environment installed anyway. Is there a way to pass a command-line argument to the VI itself (since the VI needs to know which directory to search)? I guess I could create a compiled launcher that generates a .ini file somewhere with the path in it then calls my VI via command-line, and my VI can check that file for the path, but is there a better way?
  4. I use SVN for version control in my project and am often faced with many conflicted VIs that must be dealt with. I have found that frequently, the changes causing these conflicts are not "real" changes (for example, a wire was moved or a typedef for a cluster control was changed). So, I am trying to create a tool that queries my project directory for any VIs that have conflicts, and running the VI Comparison tool with only non-cosmetic changes enabled to automatically find VIs that don't have any "real" changes and marked the conflicts as resolved. I would like to build the tool into a .exe be
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