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  1. @Norm Kirchner Thank you so much I'll try to integrate that in my code. Thank you guys for all the help over here. highly appreciated.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I am designing prototype data structures for some process and I was wondering if using two servers to describe the system is a possible solution to include between the suggested prototypes. Might not be the best solution but I was making sure if its possible through labview because OPC UA by definition allows communication between server-server or server-client in general. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I meant for example if I have a server with 5 sensors related to it and another server with 10 sensors related to it. Is it possible to connect these two servers or let them communicate and share data in a labview VI on the same PC? how? is there a special VI for that? can I use the "connect" Vi found at the OPC UA client palette list? Thank you.
  4. Hello, I have a question regarding creating reference/Variable nodes in the OPC UA Data structure. For example, we have two items in a big data structure tree having the same property, Is it possible to create this reference property while building the data structure? And can it be represented in the data tree at both items? Should I use local Variables for this task? and how? In short, Iam asking if its possible to have same property represented two times in the Data tree and when we change it's value in one place, it automatically changes in the other place. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thank you. Best Regards.
  5. Hello, I want to ask if its possible through labview to connect two OPC UA servers. if yes, is it possible to do it on the same PC or the two servers should be on separate windows? Thank you. Best Regards.
  6. Thank you for the tip. It was very useful. I have managed to eliminate the errors I got before and I am working on the other issues now. Thank you for your help again:)) Best Regards
  7. Thank you for your advice. Due to the limited time that I was given to finish this project, I am trying to read more tutorials and watch youtube videos to improve my skills faster. I have managed to write the code reading from text file. And I have classified all information that I have read from the file. But I have two problems now: 1) In some cases, a Folder can have several items in it and an item can have several properties in it. So I thought of giving each node an ID and link it to its parent ID. My data is arranged in the following order in the text file : ID,NodeType,ParentID,Name,DataType,Access Level,Description Is there any blocks special for linking nodes to their parents? Or do you have any other solution for linking several items to the same folder? 2) I have added the OPC UA blocks (Add folder, Add Item, Add Property) in the for loop where I am reading from the text file and I have placed a condition depending on the type of the node But I am not able to relate all three together which can be fixed if I knew how to solve question 1. The problem is in creating the correct node path Moreover, After exiting the for loop, I am getting an error while wiring the OPC UA blocks to the Start Server Block due to connecting two terminals of different types but I don't know if I can change the data type exiting the for loop without affecting the data structure created inside the loop. You can find my files attached below. Any hint or tip would be highly appreciated. Thank you. ReadCSV.vi Read.txt
  8. @rolfk Thank you for your advice. Your advice and tips are more than enough for me and its highly appreciated. I never asked to do the programming work for me. I'll work by the tips I got here. THank you:)
  9. @rolfk Thank you for your help. I already have the DSC module installed with my labview. Can't it be helpful for my task related to inputing my folders/items/properties from a CSV file? Thanks
  10. @JKSH Thank you for your reply. I have attached here 2014 Version files. Basically I have just created the server code and a read from file code but its still not integrated in the server code. I will try to work with CSV files and use the For loop method, Thanks for the advice. I am trying to find a way how to relate each item read to its corresponding folder and also if there's more than one item related to the same folder. Thank you. Data2.xls fileread.vi non-Secureconnections.vi
  11. @rolfk Please note that I am deleting my cross post on the other sites and sticking to my posts on this website. THank you. Any help would be highly appreciated and Sorry again for the misunderstanding... Best Regards.
  12. Thank you for your comment. I am just not getting any positive help on the other sites, thats why I am posting here... And now that you mentioned thats its a crosspost, I hope its cleared now...
  13. Hello, thanks for your reply. But I was thinking of a way where I don't use the OPC UA for calculation of the phase shift... like if I can save the waveforms in somewhere and then compare them in a separate VI which doesnt use the OPC UA server directly. So may I ask if in another case for example where OPC UA is not used to generate the signals, but we have two random sine waveforms generated each from a separate VI. How do we compare them in this case? In my case, I have the same signal source placed at the OPC UA server and I want to measure the difference between the waveform generated at the server and that read at the client. So I am treating them as two separate waveforms. But my problem is that the waveform at the client doesnt have the same start time as the one a the server. Did I make my idea clearer now? The thing is that it's required from me to use OPC UA protocol.
  14. My priority now is to find out how to compare the waveforms. Finding out the limits is one of the side goals for now. Because I would still want to use the waveform comparison to study the behavior of the server/client as I speed up or slow down the server. I presume the easier way might be useful for me for later tasks, but for now I need to figure out the waveform comparison issue...
  15. Hello Guys, I am a masters student at a German university now working on a research project and we are using OPC UA labview toolkit. I am new with using OPC UA in Labview so I am not sure to what extent are the capabilities OPC UA labview are similar to that defined by the OPC foundation. I hope I can get some tips and help on some issues. Normally through labview we can create an OPC UA server and add folders/ Items/Properties to create the data structure. But this is done manually by adding the vi for each folder and item and connecting them. This is reasonable if we have two or three items or properties in the data structure. But if we have for example 40 items, then it would get messy. So i am thinking of a way to read the data from an excel sheet or text doc and automatically create the data structure in the OPC UA server. Offcourse, the data in the excel sheet should be arranged in a special way so that we can create the node paths easily and define the characteristics( read/write, datatype) of each node automatically. so far i was able to create the OPC UA server but I am stuck on how to transform the data from the excel file to the OPC UA server. please find attached the VI i have so far. Any help would be highly appreciated. THank you. BEst Regards, Elias non-Secureconnections.vi fileread.vi Data2.xls
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