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  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone have created an app for customer using the web VI hosted on SystemLink Cloud. I find there is a lot of fun playing with that tool but I am not sure if its ready to offer solutions based on this technology. I tried it to create a Testing Process Dashboard , where the Teststand sends result via tags - it's stable, looks ok but during development I found many gaps in documentation. However it's just a dashboard. I can see many possibilities if the Web VI, LabVIEW app, maybe web service are used together, but its hard to find any industrial project description on NI webpages. Can you share your experience with me?
  2. Hello, I wonder why my CAN Arb. ID is different when I'm using NI MAX Bus monitor (1700E701) and ncReadNetMult.vi (3700E701). The system is working with extended ID.
  3. There is a ASCII COMTRADE file. 20161014_081348_870.zip
  4. Thank you for your response, i already had read Compact Rio Dev Guide and also we will contact NI support. I just want to be well prepared before project starts. I like to collect any tip, which could be usefull at planning state.
  5. Hi, i'am looking for knowladge about project design pattern for control application with more then 1 cRIO controller. My task is to choose architecture, so i like to know which communication way is common use, which designe patterns are good to build main VIs, general good practice etc. The project is a production line with lots of servos, CVS controler with vision algorithm, and desktop application as a SCADA system. At this point, i think is good to use Simple Messaging Library to send communication in system and Current Value Table to sending data. Also i will use "standard" Queued State Machine Design Pattern on each device. I will be gratefull for any source of knowladge about how to program similar systems. Best wishes, Lukas
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