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  1. Hello, I wonder why my CAN Arb. ID is different when I'm using NI MAX Bus monitor (1700E701) and ncReadNetMult.vi (3700E701). The system is working with extended ID.
  2. There is a ASCII COMTRADE file. 20161014_081348_870.zip
  3. Thank you for your response, i already had read Compact Rio Dev Guide and also we will contact NI support. I just want to be well prepared before project starts. I like to collect any tip, which could be usefull at planning state.
  4. Hi, i'am looking for knowladge about project design pattern for control application with more then 1 cRIO controller. My task is to choose architecture, so i like to know which communication way is common use, which designe patterns are good to build main VIs, general good practice etc. The project is a production line with lots of servos, CVS controler with vision algorithm, and desktop application as a SCADA system. At this point, i think is good to use Simple Messaging Library to send communication in system and Current Value Table to sending data. Also i will use "standard" Queued State Machine Design Pattern on each device. I will be gratefull for any source of knowladge about how to program similar systems. Best wishes, Lukas
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