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  1. I have found the solution to this problem. So don't bother to reply to this question. Thanks
  2. Hello I tried to create a LED latch and was successful in doing so. However this LED latch doe not reset itself when I terminate the loop. Does anyone know how to create an led latch with the option of clearing it at the termination of the loop? I have attached my LED latch. Regards Shravan
  3. Hello ok. I had this idea but i thought there might be a vi for that. Thanks anyways.
  4. Hello i am using cRIO-9066 to produce few analog voltages. I am running crio in scan mode and after i stop running the program, the analog output is still present at the pin. Does anyone know how I could reset the cRIO? Thank you Regards Shravan
  5. Hello I have a cRIO-9066 and NI 9269 analog output c series module. I am running the cRIO in scan mode and I simulate a square wave using the simulation loop in labview which is the input for the analog output module (NI 9269). The frequency does not match but the amplitude matches. I have attached the simulation and timing parameters of the simulation loop. Does anyone know why there is a frequency mismatch? Thanks for the help. Regards Shravan
  6. Hello I have developed a stand alone application of NI myRIO for making measurements and the communication is with my PC via TCP Connection using the USB cable. I am using a python script for the communication. My application works fine and makes all the measurements i ask for. I wanted the myRIO to detect a close in TCP connection as my measurements take time and the myRIO does not realize when the connection is closed. Does anyone know how I could check for active TCP connection once the TCP connection has been established? Thank you Regards Shravan
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