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  1. Ryan, Interface and Abstract Equipment are different because of the nature of the class types in "most" object oriented languages. Interface is a class that basically contains empty methods and no data. Abstract classes can have data and can either leave empty methods or declare them. I say most because in Labview this is not the case because Interfaces does not exist. So you are correct in saying that it should be one class. The UML I provided was based on what I wanted to do based on what I would have done in other languages. The idea was not so much about data
  2. So this will seem fairly long winded but I believe some people here will find this to be an interesting question and hopefully people can point me in the right direction. To give you guys some background I am a process control integrator working with PLC's and CRIO's to create automated solutions for out clients. I have a background in Software engineering and have worked a great amount in the past in Object Oriented languages such as Java or C#. I have only been using LabVIEW for the past 2 years and this is the first time I have utilized the OO features of LabVIEW. One of the first thi
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