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  1. Hello I have a .inf file as my instrument driver but I cannot modify it for Win8.1 and Win10. It generate with NI-VISA Driver Development Wizard version 5.3. Can everyone help me? Thank you in advance. opbox20f.inf
  2. Hi I'm trying to track an object and I wrote a program for it but it doesn't work perfectly and loses object. I attached the program. Please help me. Thank you in advance. Tracking.vi
  3. Hi MikaeIH and thank you very much.It's exactly my goal. I will try your example and if I have a question, I will say you. Thank you again.
  4. Hi MikaeIH and thanks for your reply. I have a question about your help. How Can I draw a ROI in xy graph?
  5. Hi I have a xy graph contains a number of points and I want to select a part of them similar to ROI and their colors be changed and also, we can select a number of ROI in that. please help me.
  6. I dont want to change the color.I want to have a graph with a color without changing it.I prepare the graph for a color but after reducing the number of plot and then increasing them,color change.
  7. Hi I want to have a graph with a number of plot ( such as 500 ) without changing color ( with a fix color ). In Labview,when you set a graph with 500 plot in a color and after that you reduce the number of plot and again to 500 plot,color change. How can I have a graph with a color? Thank you
  8. ,I have made this hardware for my laboratory and now I am trying to write its software with your help.
  9. First,I receive my datas from DAQ with 8192 points, then I detect their picks and show 8 samples of before peak and 24 samples of after peak. So, I want to show at least 32 sample,not 8192 It is RMS of some set of the white traces.But we have a threshold with several templates that each of them shows firing of a neuron.
  10. It was my first problem, and it is may goal : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- what do you mean ? I have a threshold line that show on plot. In this picture,we have all of curves ( white ),a group of curves ( yellow ),a template curve ( blue that it is template of yellow curves ), and a threshold line ( blue ). And in this picture,all of curves have sorted in 5 templates that they show in different plots that the main graph contains all of them is: It maybe contains with templates curves or not that in this templates curves are hide.
  11. Yes,they will display until meet the threshold criteria,as template curve has such condition. in my daq,FIFO size is 1024,and I read 8192 samples each time. I have to test it and I will say you its result.
  12. Hello It is good point. First,I wanted to overlay all of them,but ensegre convinced me that I limited their numbers. anyway,if you have a good idea,i will be happy to hear it. Can you explain more? I cannot use of way of "decimate the data for display".because I only have 30-50 data points for each of overlaid curves .you can see it and its source code in first post.
  13. Hello Thank you for your reply. For this,Why should not I change their colors? And,how should I implement this "transparency"? Thank you, Is so good. But,why do you use of visible property and bbean use of defer panel updates?Which one is faster? Thank you so much
  14. I think,I set it wrong. It is also about waveform graph. I am sorry.
  15. Hello ensegre Those questions that I asked you, were about waveform graph. Have you an idea about it? Thank you
  16. Hello ensegre Thank you for your reply and I am sorry for the late reply. You have convinced me. I have 16 channel of analog input and I have to plot them,so I use to picture widget ( Shaun's suggestion ) for all of them and only, I plot one of them with LV graph widget. But I have a question : How many curves LV graph widget is able to plot without slowing? It is a good idea and I think about it. But I have a question: If I want to show 1000 recent curves,which way I have to use? By that I mean,I decided that 1000 Curves is always displayed and after plotting 1001st, the first curve is removed and it is always repeated. Have you an idea for it? Thank you
  17. Hello JKSH Thank you for your reply and I am sorry for the late reply. Actually,no. Because, Those curves have to see for deciding about sorting them. Its name is OmniPlex and you can download its demo from this link: http://www.plexon.com/sites/default/files/OmniPlexDemoV1Setup.zip It is a software about online spike sorting for neuroscience research. In my opinion,Labview is able to do it, but it need to more study. Thank you
  18. Hello ensegre Thank you for your reply and I am sorry for the late reply. I cannot bring rate down and cannot separate these two cases from each other.of course, it should not be impossible,because I have already saw this feature in another app : In this,both threshold line changes curves situation online, and you can select a group of curves online for subsequent analysis. It is a good suggestion, but I have to access to each of curves for selecting them and sorting them to different categories based on template, similar this: If I use of intensity plot, I cannot analyze them later. Do you think, it is possible to overlay curves without harming any of them? Have you an idea? Thank you
  19. hello ShaunR Thank you for your reply. If I disable plot it can overlay without finitude. But I need to displaying them. I need to manipulate data,and I must select each of overlaid plots later. So,my suggestion is not good. Have you an idea for overlaying too many plot without slowing? Thank you
  20. hello hooovahh

    I have a question.

    can you go to "Displaying large Data" topic?

    thank you

  21. hello JKSH thanks for your reply. It is true,but I need to overlay many plots,it is a technique for neuroscience research ( Spike Detecting ),I saw this feature in other application without slowing: It is 100000 overlay! I think,if we do not copy all of data,it is possible. It is mean that if we hold all of plots and only overlay recent plot,it is possible. Have you an idea? Thank you Hello Nagaraj Hc Thank you for your reply. synchronous display has been off. I explain about your comment in above ( reply of JKSH ). Have you an idea? Thank you Hello Wouter Thank you for your reply. It is not true,because I need to all of data and after that I have to do many calculations over these plots.such as: peak & trough figure,energy figure,PCA figure,spike sorting and etc. I explain about my goal in above ( reply of JKSH ). Have you an idea? Thank you
  22. Hello, I am writing a program for overlapping. But after about 5000 of overlay,it begin to slow. Could you help me? I attached vi,front panel picture and block diagram picture. (for simulation, I used Biomedical Toolkit) Thank you sample.vi
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