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  1. Hi everyone, I was forced to insert google (or equivalent) maps in a project and, for some time, I used Mohammad Garousi version (that I found the most complete version freely available on the web). It uses the GMap.NET dlls. After some time I noticed a recurring random issue at dll level, after which a red cross appears in the .net container without any chance to correct or avoid the error. After some time I decided to create a new map container that might solve the issue. I decided to use a picture instead of the .net container. I was able to add new functions too, like creating a
  2. Ok Hoovahh, I tried your solution several times but the z-order was not correct and the background image was displayed as top-most. More than that, I found that any image is displayed in a higher layer than any interactive control. For this reason I tried to work on HTML level and found that solution. Unluckily I'm not so expert in JSs, so I'm not able to act at that level. Nevertheless, I will try to find where the z-order is set and change it. I'll let you know my progresses. Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, I made a very light update. Up to now a background image to the front panel was not allowed. I added this possibility by modifying the HTML generated by the HTML JS Template.vi file (attached below). When the function "show border" is not enabled (if you want a border, maybe, you dislike to have a background image…) you might underimpress an image defined in the "bkgrnd dim" control. Size and filename are requested by this control. Of course, the image name must be expressed in html mode (considering the generated html file as root folder). If someone w
  4. Hi Hooovahh, do you think normal that progressbars work only as indicators? I tried to use them (a simple numeric slide) to simulate a scrollbar in an array indicator but it did not work. Even if configured as VALUE ONLY or VALUE AND VISIBILITY, the control did not respond to change requests, as if it was only an image…. When value was changed from LabVIEW side the change was read, instead. My fault or something odd in the control behavior? Thanks for your help
  5. Ok, I see. Why don't you contact me in private so that we may analyze the issue, find the solution and post it to the general forum. I fear that we fulfil the forum with this problem otherwise…. Thanks
  6. Ok, and if you click on the Next page button, nothing happens. Correct? Or do you receive an error message?
  7. Sorry Ludo, I lost something. You mean that my engine is not working on your example? Or it is not working at all, with its own pages? In the fist case, maybe, some configuration went wrong. In the second one, there might be some bug in my example... Let me know, I'm curious to find the issue
  8. Hi Ludo, quite odd. I tried several times on any web browser without any issue. Have you got some error message or simply empty page? I'm using that code on different projects, so I think it may be some config problem (I hope….)
  9. As far as the EXE is concerned I agree with Hooovahh. I was able to create an exe an made it work correctly just checking the right paths for external files (i.e., support files or server publishing folder). Unfortunately exe clones did not work properly. I guess that the unique id for the control and indicator components were involved in the issue. Still working on a solution...
  10. Hello guys, I developed something thay may help those who intend to use the Front Panel Publisher for their projects. It may be thought as an addon to the main project. The goal is to create an engine that launches and publishes several independent sessions of the panels you want to publish on web. Each session is unique and fully functional. Vis in the session communicate with engine and web pages through temporary files dinamically created and destroyed. Unused sessions are automatically destroyed after a customized (through config file) timeout has occurred to preserve server resource
  11. No, Hooovahh, I used your last available version. I did some other tests on different OSs (all those I could use) and I can say that: Remote PC feature works fine if the original vi is running on: Win7 or Win Server 2016 (I suppose also all the previous versions). It does NOT work on Win 10 (trying to investigate why. I think it may be interesting to find the reason). When an old Win 8 PC will be back I'll try that OS too. Also, works fine on IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and NOT on Edge. Trying to find Safari to test it also. The fact that the issue is only on Win 10 AND Edge mak
  12. Ok, I found something. Using WIn7 as server machine everything works. Using Win10 no. Odd behaviour.... I must find out what changes between those OSs....
  13. Here are the modifications I was talking about... but they did not work...
  14. Sorry Hooovahh, but I'm facing K4zz's same issue. I also connected the external PC IP address to the Host Connection in Publisher.vi and the XAMPP page (with symbolic link enabled) to the Webpage Root link, but, still, I can receive only a static image on the remote PC. Both PCs are under Win10 (1709 release). I do not know what I am missing... Help please... I know it's my fault, but I cannot see where I am doing wrong....
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