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  1. Hi, I am looking for a toolkit which would allow to connect and modify the hosted db from LV application. What are the options? (excluding the Database Connectivity Toolkit). max
  2. Hi Team, I am looking for a toolkit/driver which would allow me to connect to a Server based MySQL and be able to interface with the database. Do you know any free toolkits that would allow me to do that? I have installed XAMPP in my Win10 machine and setup a MySQL server. Next, installed the Windows ODBC connector and tested and passed the connection. Now i would like to connect LabVIEW application to the database that is hosted. It would be great if someone can help me figure out how can i connect and perform various read/write/modify tasks. Thanks Max.
  3. Hi drjdpowell, Thank you for the reply and hint. Another question is it possible to generate .db file with specific columns and tables using the wrapper you provided? Thank you, Max
  4. Hi Lava Citizens, I am trying to implement SQLite - update function so i can easily modify values in a selected row. http://www.sqlitetutorial.net/sqlite-update/ I have tried this statement - UPDATE ESD_User SET Name = 'James Bond', Status = 'Employee', Location = 'Canada' WHERE EmployeeID = 5; using the DB Browser for SQLite. The command does update the values as expected. I am trying to do same with the labview + sqlite driver. I have attached the update user code. I am getting an error from EXEC SQL "SQLite.lvlib:Connection.lvclass:Execute SQL (Single Stri
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