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  1. I have several cameras, but it only shows one, how to solve the problem?
  2. Hi! I had write a lv program and generate a .exe file. But once open the exe file, it will run the program, owing to it need time to find the camera so something wrong will happen. Now I want to add a function for searching the camera, led on light when it had found the camera to give a notice, then it will autorun to acquire figures. So the question is how to add the camera earch function ? Thanks
  3. It does't work, I don't know why? Can you solve the problem, thanks! Call HandBrake (2).vi
  4. I just want to add three button(grab,save and stop).Press grab to start to display on the front panel, press save button to generate a avi file(not generate one when the button is not pressed),press again to end the save mode. Press stop to end the whole program, could you please help me modify it, I had tried many times.
  5. Now there is still some question with the program, it can not be wrote to avi, just the last frame,I don't know why. Help me modify it to run, thanks! Grab and SAVE AVI.vi
  6. Thanks, can you generate the vi as 2015 version, I can not open it.
  7. Thanks, I know the two vi, but I had install a h.264 and FFMPEG encoder, but it can't be found in the system, I don't know what's wrong with the question. I had tried to compare the video size of many video encoder and investigated in the website, the result is h.264 encoder is the best, it offers the minimum size with guaranteeing image quality. So how can install the h.264 encoder and found it in the system?
  8. Thanks for your suggestion, but it is a exe file, cannot be used in the labview program, I need a H.264 dll file or a encapsulated function API for calling. And another question there is only one video type(avi format), if I had encapsulated a dll file, whether or not it must firstly generate a avi file, then convert to mp4. Or maybe I have to encapsulated there function(create mp4 flie, acquire mp4, and close mp4 file), it's very hard for me.
  9. Hi! Now I am writing a real time acquire and save to video file program.But 1080*720, 30 fps, it generates a lot of video data via the camera, about 20s for 1G bits. H.264 is a open source encode, how can I use the encoder to convert avi to mp4 or directly generate a mp4 file, has anyone who had achieved the effect?Thanks!
  10. Thanks, I had achieved the result using the producer-consumer,you can see it in the vi file. But I wanna to pressed the Boolean 2-5 to create avi files, otherwise it while generate many empty file, but the present program can just be pressed once, because the corresponding while structure will be end up. When I want to modify file name to generate a new avi file, it cannot be run(because it just could run once).So now I have two questions: 1. How to modify the program to achieve continuous operation to generate a new avi file? 2. The pixels are 1080*720, 30 fps, 20s could generate 2G data, how can I achieve compression and transmission of videos,then decoding and saving the avi file? save avi.vi
  11. Thanks, I can achieve the result via use the producer-consumer architecture with a better frame rate. But now there is a question, everytime run the program it will automatically generate a .avi file and it always be a empty file(0 byte).Now I want to add a case structure, when the case button was pressed it save to a avi file.If it was not pressed,the empty file won't be generate. You can directly modify in the vi file,thanks! Grab and save avi.vi
  12. Hello, everyone! I want to synchronous acquire and save video files via a GIGE camera while not influence the frame rate. I achieve the program as below, but the frame rate is highly unstable. I hope you can offer some ideas, thanks!
  13. Hello, everyone! I have a question with the waveform chart(figure 1). How can I plot multi curves in a waveform chart in sequence (figure 2)? For example: 1. I plot the first curve which the starting point is 0. 2.I stop the program or press a button, then the second curve plots from the starting point at 0, too. 3. And so on, I can plot some cures in the same waveform chart. I am looking forward to a reply, thanks for your attention !
  14. Sorry, the image of the 1.png is RGB, so I can not get the result.I had tried the 8 bit grayscale image,it's no problem, thanks!But I have two questions :1.the upper part of the vi just change the colortable of the intensity graph,why the intensity graph can add false-color? 2.I want to add false-color into the image display in real-time mode,how can I use the avaliable LUT? Below is image display, not intensity graph.Thanks!
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