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  1. Almost 8 years later and there's a new test sequencing tool called TVI: http://tvi.co TVI offers test sequences creation and reporting engine and is very easy to use. It is aimed for teams who are considering a 3rd party test management tool, but are not ready yet to jump on the full scale that TestStand offers. Disclosure: I'm affiliated with Testview, makers of TVI.
  2. Hi all, We're excited to announce the public release of TVI – our industry-proven test management framework for LabVIEW: http://tvi.co TVI is a flexible and easy to use test sequencer and reports generator for LabVIEW based functional testers. Key features: Simple and easy to use user interface Very short learning curve Creating test sequences in few clicks Viewing results in real time Exporting of data in various formats (CSV, PDF, HTML) Seamless integration with LabVIEW enables to write/edit tests directly from TVI (developer mode) Editing sequences and test parameters on the assembly line stations (runner mode, no need for LabVIEW) (TVI does not require TestStand to run) See it in action here: https://youtu.be/7Job4qMc66w We’d love to get any feedback! Thanks, Avital
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