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  1. Sounds like a very good application for LabVIEW.

    Here's a simple example of implementing this.



    BTW - the problem with doing the array checking for this operation is that it can become a pretty big performance hit to poll the folder and list all files and search for all changes, especially if the number of files grows large.  Plus, you may need other features (like file removed or file updated) and you end up with more and more trouble when you try to recreate that functionality.  I think the .NET solution is the best long run solution for this problem (as long as you're on a Windows platform).

  2. Hi Omar. Thanks for your response - yes I read your presentation thoroughly!


    I have tried previously adjusting the service's rights to interact with the desktop but it was still no go. I can only think that some other policy is blocking my ability to do this. Given we have a VLA and are checking out development licenses from the server rather than a local license I had wondered whether it was this activity that was being blocked in this scenario.


    I didn't use the VLA with my CI Servers so that could be the issue.  If any dialog was blocking the execution, then you're basically stuck if LabVIEW is running as a service with no UI.


    I have ended up running the TeamCity agent as an application rather than a service; things work fine this way. It's not ideal but would welcome any other ideas.


    PS. Any idea when VI Tester will be updated to LV2012++? Nudge, nudge!  :shifty: 



    Re: VI Tester, check out the LabVIEW Tools Network - you might find a nice surprise ;)

  3. I presented on this topic and it was posted here:



    You can debug a windows service by making the UI visible and seeing what is blocking the app from running this way:

    administrative tools -> services -> right click -> goto properties -> under Log On tab check allow to interact with desktop


    That should help.

  4. I have one more data point to report ...


    Running from the same Mac OSX 10.9 and Parallels 9, I have two Win 7 x64 VMs.  One of them I built recently and another I built a long time ago.  The older VM allows the CTRL+SHIFT shortcuts (tested with CTRL+SHIFT+E) but the new one does not.  The older VM is running LV 2011 and I did not update parallels tools.  The old VM was running Parallels Tools 7.0.15004 when it was working.  I took a snapshot and then upgraded parallels tools to latest version.  After upgrading to latest Parallels Tools CTRL+SHIFT+E still works.


    Note that Justin mentioned that in LV2011 on his VM CTRL+SHIFT+E did not work - so there must be some VM or Windows setting that is affecting LabVIEW but its really not obvious to me what the difference is between my two VMs.

  5. Option 3 (not shown) - Create a DVR reference and place that inside the lvclass private data. This means that you can't access the private data of the class without dereferencing the DVR. It also means that the public API never exposes the DVR.

    I use this option frequently and it seems to scale well in that I still have dynamic dispatching but my data is byRef due to the DVR.

  6. It would be worth asking whether the CLA graders would accept a VI that says, "Download standard toolkit XYZ from location MNO and instantiate the following template, then put that subVI here." ... and similar comments. Any of the tools like LapDog, or AMC, or ReX, or the Actor Framework, or the GOOP Toolkit might be usable then. After all, that's exactly the instructions I would give to a developer in some of these cases.

    I would be happy with the following change - any free for commercial use code (i.e. free, not just trial mode) software that can be downloaded from the LabVIEW Tools Network should be allowed in the CLA exam. It is really frustrating to experienced developers when they can't use their standard tool-set (and one that is ultimately managed by NI) on the CLA exam. It definitely takes critical time away from creating an architecture when you are compelled to recreate architecture components (or even their interfaces) from scratch, especially when you already use them every day.

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  7. Embeds are an interesting idea, but I haven't convinced myself they're a *good* idea.

    I agree. I saw this product called Flowstone recently (don't take this as any kind of endorsement) ... and it looks like they 'embed' sub-nodes (they don't have VIs of course ). At around the 6:40 mark of this

    , it shows the sub-node embedded in the main app node. Its pretty interesting in that you can 'reuse' a subcomponents UI but at the same time customize it - similar to subpanelling a VI in LabVIEW only you can edit the position of subpanelled controls and indicators at edit time. Anyways, it looks interesting conceptually.
  8. One minor wish--I use the project dependencies folder a lot. Is it possible to wrap all those dependencies in a library?

    Wow, I didn't know that you could use the dependencies folder for something useful. I use it only as a sort of garbage collector of things that I don't care about that happen to be in my project (I thought that was all it could do). How do you use the dependencies folder?

    (Also - yes I can look into wrapping all dependencies in a library).

  9. Understanding the benefits of unit testing is one thing--experiencing the benefits of unit testing is a whole 'nother feeling.

    Even internally at JKI, every few months someone says "wow, unit testing really saved me on xyz". I'm glad that you're getting some value out of your time investment!

    Thank you JKI!

    Thank you too! Keep on feeding us suggestions on how to improve VI Tester as well, we're definitely listening :)

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  10. Your API is great, I just tried using it out and was impressed!

    I have some feature requests that I think would make it even better (and these requests depend on the .NET API)"

    1. If the clicked events could specify whether there was a right-mouse vs left-mouse click on a given menu/tray/balloon tip
    2. If the balloon tip clicked event returned the balloon tip text

    Thanks for your contribution to the community!

  11. I found the CLA-R to be basically as advertised in the prep materials (practice exam, etc) - I also found it helpful to take the free 'skills assesment' exam online (which basically is designed to steer you to NI Training -Basics?) as it helps to practice answering NI style exam questions.

  12. I'm trying to print a "Standard" text report using the Report Generation Toolkit - for some reason if I set the font type to 'Courier' (using "Set Report Font.vi") and print the report, it always prints at the same size (10 I think) no matter what I actually enter as a font size (trying to use a smaller size --> 8). However, if I set the font to 'Courier New' I can set the font size to 8 and it seems to work (the printout is smaller). I'm using LV2009 SP1. Anyone else see this before? Is it a LabVIEW bug in the Report Generation Toolkit (RGT)? Is it a printer driver bug on my machine?

    Also, the 'Font Output' always returns the default data - which makes it useless to me right now - I was hoping to see it update the font name/size to ensure that the data was set correctly. Another RGT bug?

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