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  1. Thank's y'all for the feedback! I realized that I had been uploading a non working version, but that just gave me some time after NI Week to work in some of your suggestions! The one I'm most curious about is switching from OS to Target_Type. Using Target_Type definitely has more options, but then how would you specify things like file path so that the user knows where to find it/make sure they don't put it some where they aren't supposed to? -Bear
  2. Hey y'all, Wanted to look for some feedback on some code I made for troubleshooting crashes and hangs for medium to large LabVIEW applications. Wanted a way for a user experiencing a crash/hang to have a simple way of narrowing down where the problem is occurring. The VI is named Crash Logger.vi and it only requires the VI itself to use. No type def's, additional VI's, or other necessary parts. The reason for this is so that a user can drop it in multiple parts of their application and have it log the current state and some information on system state to narrow down where a crash/hang
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