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  1. @hooovahh Thank you!I like!After writing the underlying program is very helpful!
  2. @Darren thank you very much! It's nice!I like!
  3. Thank you very much!I haven't seen anything else yet, but I've solved my current problem. I need the silver control now.Converting-Controls-to-Silve VI is good!
  4. Something's bothering me! Every time I need to replace the Modern style buttons with silver style buttons, I need to replace them one by one.If I want to replace in bulk, is there a quick way?As long as you don't change the properties of the original button
  5. There are some problems with the labview I installed,The labview RGT Vi about Graphs can't run。 The specific issues are in the attached file。I need your help!
  6. @LogMAN Thank you very much! The program is ok, but the icon is missing.
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