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  1. ShockHouse, thanks much the information. We wanted exactly the information you provided above. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi drjdpowell, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I guess I knew what Actor means as a general computer science term (I took NI's AF training course), but I misunderstood that this thread is somehow related to Actor Framework. Sorry for bothering this thread with my previous comment. Thanks.
  3. hello drdjpowell, Thanks much for trying to enlighten people about LV Actor Framework through re-making user-friendly example of famous "Cont Measurement and Logging" sample project. At some point, did you finish making your example in public? I am a beginner of Actor Framework and would like to refer to it for my next starting point after Evaporate Cooler example. Thanks! Osamu (CLA/CLED/LV FPGA expert) TRIONIX (NI partner in Japan)
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