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  1. I've got an actual PXIe-8135 running CentOS 7.6 with LV 2018, VISA, DAQmx installed. I did get DAQmx working successfully - the serial cards in my chassis are what are throwing me for a loop. LabVIEW Wire Mode property is not supported in CentOS/RHEL for some reason and despite the README stating that the card should default to the 4-wire mode, when I check it is reading as RS232_DTE, and does not pass a loopback test.
  2. I created a separate VI with the Scripting node and got the same Error 42 when modifying the INstanceInfo. I believe it was because there was just something wrong with the original PolyVI - I recreated it programmatically with scripting code, then used the tool, and now I am not getting an error on modify/save in the tool. Something must have been corrupt.
  3. Even more strange. Started a new Poly VI from scratch in Documents folder. No VIs added to it, just created New in LV 2016 and saved. Opened tool, added two VIs to the list, click Save VI - get Error 43, operation cancelled by user!? I didn't cancel any dialog.
  4. I should have thought to check that, but since the LabVIEW Editor was saving it fine it didn't occur to me. I will check. EDIT: It won't even let me save a new copy in the Documents folder - same error. Windows 7 evidently doesn't let Administrators remove Read Only from the Microsoft description - odd, even using the cmd prompt to attrib -r c:/<folder> on the folder and trying again to save yielded error 42. I will try a separate version of the Polymorphic Scripting node in some test code in LabVIEW to see if I can replicate the issue.
  5. Hmm. When trying this out an doing a save after an Edit - I am given Error 42. Error 42 Occured at Property Node (arg 1) in Polymorphic Editor.lvlib:Apply Changes.vi->Polymorphic Editor.lvlib:PolymorphicGUIEditor.vi
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