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  1. We start in a week. Register commands here Meanwhile, the set of prizes has been replenished. The first place winner will receive the NI myRIO Embedded Systems Accessory Kit from MIR (Modular Measurement Solutions)
  2. Hi, Nail. I agree that for the Olympiad you need more than 3 hours, but "5 points" - is not an our decision. We asked the certification commission about partnership and they offered this variant.
  3. We are glad to inform you that we open registration for the LabVIEW Portal 2021 Olympiad. Get your own snake. Create an algorithm and realize it with LabVIEW. Declare your abilities and compete with other opponents, get prizes! The Olympiad will be online. Anybody from any country can join the competition. Official communication languages are English and Russian A team size from 1 to 3 members and registration is available until deadline for solutions. Use the following topic to register: The task will be published on April 12 2021 on the website labv
  4. It seems that the problem occurs if the folder does not exist. If the folder already exists, the connection to the database is successful.
  5. I have problems with the Cyrillic alphabet. The database successfully works with the text, but I can not create the database file in the folder with the name containing the Cyrillic. The sqlite open function produces an error Error 402873 ... SQLITE_CANTOPEN (14): unable to open database: C:\data\...\PґР°С,Р°\sys_bd.db where "дата" is a distorted folder name in Cyrillic.
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