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  1. Hello hoovahh, the Force Update.Vi dosent support multiple Pages. i mean it will force the update in all webpages of the last VI been called do you have any idea what could be causing the Problem. best regards
  2. Thank you Thomas, i have tried it out..seems like the clean up function is working well now. regards
  3. Thank you hooovahh, as you said more work is needed to track the name of the VI better. I am working on that problem, as soon as i get some results i will post it here. my pleasure if you can check on it when its done. regards
  4. Hallo hooovahh, now i am trying to extend my example to publish more than one HTML Page. but i am not getting the best results.its becoming slower. "correct me if am wrong" i thought that the "Front Panel Publisher" Libary is only used once at the start. and later on....the HTML and js files are responsible for calling Values from LabVIEW. is there any better way to extending the number of HTML Pages i am Publishing than the way am using. attached i am sending you a snapshot of my Project PS: String Indicators have a maximum Font Size (150 pt) which cant be crossed. thats w
  5. Thank you so much hooovahh. this worked perfectly.and its a very good example to learn about OOP in LabVIEW. regards Mouaz
  6. Hello Guys, first for all i would like to thank you for such a great exmple. Although I played and tried out a few things, I still having problems accessing the website that i have published from local PC on different remote PCs. all what i get by calling the website is the static layout and no values ( in case of using remote access). would be very thankful for help. regards Mouaz
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