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  1. I just used a different modbus library but the same program that is configure and read. But now I am getting a error at modbus read holding registers. The error is -1073807339 , VISA Read in MB Master.lvlib:MB_ADU_RTU.lvclass:RX ADU.vi:1->MB Master.lvlib:MB_Master_Serial.lvclass:Querry.vi:1->MB Master.lvlib:Read Holding Registers.vi:1->Untitled 2. Can anyone help me what is the reason of this error. I have attached a new screenshot of program and the error. Here no output is also coming. Onyl error. Kindly do help me. Thank you.
  2. Hi, So my task is to read the status registers of the PLC using RS485 Modbus. I tried out it in a different software called Modbus poll. First I configure, that is give the type of connection which is Modbus RTU, then the COM port, baud rate, data bits, parity, flow control and then device id. Then I give the command as read holding registers from address 0 to a length of 10. Then I click ok and I will get the output that is the value in address 0 till length of 10. Next I tried in labview. In labview I use create serial master and I give the same values that is COM port, baud rate, device id, Modbus RTU connection, parity and flow control, then I use read holding register and give the start address of 0 and length of 10. In the Modbus poll I will get the output which is an array of 10 values and each value will be different values accordingly, for e.g. the first value in the array will be 7, whereas when I tried in labview all I am getting is a single value array and that too the value is 0 and not 7. 7 is the correct value which I am expecting. I have attached the screenshot of my program. Can you please help me what is my mistake? I am doing the same thing in labview as in the other program. So why am I not getting an output. I am also not getting an error. Kindly help me.
  3. Hi, whenever the animation stops and closes, it is asking to save the file due to changes. Is there a way to disable that.
  4. Hi, I am looking for a paid or free course online for LabVIEW instrument control that covers topic like communication protocols, RS232. GPIB etc. Can anyone suggest a good one. Thank You. Govind
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