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  1. Hi James, Thank you very much for replying, you've made some very interesting points and helped switched my perspective. You're right, I was using the DB as a CVT - which isn't sensible, and the many-tables one-row comment (instead of one-table, many-rows) seems so obvious now it's been pointed out! I'm going to mull it over and work on a better design on Monday. But I think I'm going to create a design using the following: For items that actually need to be in a CVT, I'll create one using a DVR/Variant Attributes. (Like you say) anytime a module wants to ch
  2. Hi Everyone, I (re)watched James Powell's talk at GDevCon#2 about Application Design Around SQLite. I really like this idea as I have an application with lots of data (from serial devices and software configuration) that's all needed in several areas of the application (and external applications) and his talk was a 'light-bulb' moment where I thought I could have a centralized SQLite database that all the modules could access to select / update data. He said the database could be the 'model' in the model-view-controller design pattern because the database is very fast. So you can col
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