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  1. Can anyone please tell what a DVR [ Data value reference ] is ? I want to know at what situation it will be used and what are the advantages we get by using DVR. I am really confused in this topic . If someone has any code in which they have worked with DVRs. kindly share it to me. Thank you.
  2. Sir, iam trying to use your grbl code for my xy plotter project using arduino and labview. my doubt is that is it ok if i just connect the arduino [ with cnc shield ] in which the grbl is flashed, with the pc ? and should i copy the g code in the commands control? where will i input the g code my xy plotter to plot with my xy plotter?
  3. Sir, if i have a arduino uno with grbl flashed, can i use your vi to control three stepper motors using the cnc shielded attached to the arduino, will it work in that way. and i need to know where to input my gcode. Can u please explain sir ? Thanks in advance
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