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  1. Ok, thank you for clarifying this. Hope one day NI will release a slightly more decent control customize editor. The current one is still a real pain.. Raf
  2. Hello, thank you for prompt answer. The version I use is I have now installed the vip library; unitl now I used your controls by extracting them directly from the vip file with 7zip. I usually tend to not install libraries if not really needed. Now that the library is installed, I had discovered that the buttons that gave me problems are in the OLD palette folder. Anyway, even if properly installed, the button colors are still not coherent. See the attachment. I'd also like to use the OLD buttons, since I need the icon. Thank you Raf
  3. I am trying to use these suberb controls in Labview 2019 but I have many troubles. The boolean buttons have a strange behaviour. When the VI is not running, they are blue (for dark ones) or transparent (for clear ones). Then I run the VI and they remain in the initial color unitl I click them. After the first click the color changes to dark green for True state and grey for False. When the VI stops, they go back to the original color (blue or clear). Even worse, when pressed the first time, the button is no more a rounded rectangle but becomes a normal rectangle. Even the color reported in properties is not correct: for dark (blue) buttons it is blue for False and Black for True, but the button just does not follow this schema when pressed. Am I doing something wrong?
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