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  1. As a user collaborating on an idea for un-created code, I want to be able to see what other users are thinking about as well. For example, let's say, in the back of my mind, I have this idea for an open source barbecue thermometer that runs on a Raspberry Pi using LabVIEW. That said, I have several open source project ideas, all of which I find equally interesting, so I randomly pick one of them to start working on. But, maybe there's another community member that wants such a BBQ thermometer as well. If I knew that, I might choose to prioritize the project that someone else is interested
  2. Are these ranges published, per chance? If not, I think this proposed wiki page might be a good repo for those as well (if the authors are willing to divulge).
  3. NI has established "user" error code ranges: -8999 through -8000 5000 through 9999 500,000 through 599,999. Unfortunately, I can't count the number of "error 5xxx" constants that I've seen. We should stop that; it leads to confusion at best. In an ideal world every developer or organization would have their own reserved error code ranges, but I accept that's not reasonable. That said, has anyone considered creating an informal list that organizations/individuals can publish their preferred error code ranges in? I think it might be useful. For example, if I'm at
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