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  1. The Q

    LabVIEW Content Landing Page

    @Michael Aivaliotis I'm willing to combine efforts. Wikia is changing its name to FANDOM soon anyways and I didn't know what I wanted to do about that. Its already changed in all but the URL which will change sometime in 2019 or 2020. What I really wanted is a place where we could group great content we have already created (or are creating) by topics. An index of articles so-to-speak. (More so than maybe what I have already created on the Wikia site.) Great content is posted everywhere, blogs (company and personal), podcasts, forums (NI and LAVA), etc. What I would like to see is a place where anyone can post a link to their content, provide a title, synopsis, and some keywords and then this repository would make that searchable by the title, author, and the keywords. Google won't find everything but it helps (because most of us aren't SEO experts). I see a lot of reinvention because content can't be found. I think this is the thing that is needed more than the Wiki. The Wiki, if there really needs to be one, is a place where people can post articles when the don't have anywhere else to post. Again, I'm willing to combine efforts here and I will volunteer as a moderator or in whatever capacity you need depending on how this ends up looking.
  2. The Q

    Multiple text styles

    There is also the RichTextBox QControl that has toolbar support. You can learn more about it here: RichTextBox QControl from the LabVIEW Community Wiki
  3. The Q

    LabVIEW Content Landing Page

    Yes, I saw that on the Wikidot one as well. Abandoned since 2008, right after creating it too. I sent in a request to have the domain released to me but it looks like it takes Wikidot's Admin a long time to get to those requests. I even messaged the current owner, but with no reply. So for now Wikia it is. I would rather have it hosted on Wikidot, it has better themes (like the standard Wikipedia one everyone is used to). If LAVA wants to restart the wiki I would support that. -Sorry @hooovahh I didn't mean to hijack your post. I really like the Landing Page. It is pretty much all inclusive.
  4. The Q

    LabVIEW Content Landing Page

    I started a wiki. I created a post introducing it here: https://lavag.org/topic/20635-new-labview-wiki-started/ --Q
  5. The Q

    LabVIEW Content Landing Page

    I would vote for a community based Wiki. Checking around one has been started. http://labview.wikidot.com/ Exists but has no content. Does anyone know who is the admin?
  6. The Q

    LabVIEW Content Landing Page

    LAVA had a Wiki at one time. Looks like it started in 2007 and there was talk to bring it back in 2012. https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/LabVIEW-Wiki-tips-and-tricks-page/td-p/584502
  7. The Q

    LAVA BBQ 2018 - Official Information

    Door Prize! Q Software Innovations will donate a RobotLinking Arduino Uno based kit. Info Here --Quentin "Q" Alldredge QSI
  8. The Q

    LAVA BBQ 2018 - Official Information

    Got my ticket. It will be good to see all of you. I missed NIWeek last year. —Quentin “Q” Alldredge
  9. Thank you. I do hope it becomes a useful tool for everyone. I posted another QControl that controls animation on the UI Interest Group Community page, here. Also, a question... What would be the best way to share these QControls? My thoughts were either to zip them as I did with the animation one or use VIPM to create packages for them. I want people to be able to share theirs easily as well. --Q
  10. The QControl Toolkit by Q Software Innovations is an object-oriented and extensible alternative to XControls. Use the QControl Toolkit framework and the QControl Creation Wizard to create QControl Classes and receive the benefits of XControls without the headaches. Take advantage of easy UI logic code reuse. Encapsulate and decouple the UI logic away from the business logic of the main application and from the UI skin. Use wherever the VI Server and LabVIEW object-oriented programming are allowed. Easily extend the capabilities of current LabVIEW controls through access to all properties available at run time. And easily use the toolkit with more complex frameworks like the Actor Framework or other plugin architectures where LabVIEW libraries and packed project libraries are used and where XControls can behave unpredictably. Check it out now on the NI Tools Network here. I also started a thread on the NI Community: UI Interest Group page, here.
  11. Name: Project Explorer XControl Submitter: The Q Submitted: 25 Feb 2013 Category: *Uncertified* LabVIEW Version: 2011 License Type: BSD (Most common) The Project Explorer XControl is a mimic of the Project Explorer window given in the LabVIEW development enviroment but with restricted capability. The XControl gives the developer using it the ability to turn on/off functionality like allowing or disallowing: -creation of new VIs, Virtual Folders, or Controls -adding VIs, Auto-populating Folders, or Snapshot Folders -opening Projects, VIs, Controls, Libraries, or XControls -opening the Windows Explorer to any files previously saved -removing of items currently in the Project It was created to aid in manipulation of items in Projects while still within the LabVIEW development enviroment. It has limited in capability due to what was exposed for run-time use in both the main properties and methods and the scripting properties and methods. Also, if anyone is willing to look it over and certify it, please let me know. Click here to download this file
  12. I am pretty new to LVOOP as well but I found one way to do something similar. I added a dynamically dispatched VI to all levels, but the top level, that looks like this: The top level passes an empty string out in my case. Each child calls the parent method and the concatenates the strings given in the constant of each. I was trying to mimic the path given in a shortcut menu selection event. Through this means you could construct an array instead of concatenate.
  13. The Q

    Code Views

  14. The Q

    Feelings on Icons for Terminals?

    I like smaller on my block diagrams. The same goes for the smaller boolean and cluster constants as well.

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