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  1. Sadly I must use labview. There's other program that needs to be combine together with this.
  2. I've never use .NET and this was originally done by my senior. I will try to use .NET now. Thank you !
  3. Nope, the sheet index i already set to 1 as default and the count of shapes is 1 as well. I actually debugged the exe, and the problem that i found is at the sheets invoke node. The output of item is 0 in exe while in vi, the output has a certain value. But i just don't know why is this happening.
  4. Hello, I'm quite new to LabVIEW and I've encountered a problem with ActiveX. I need to display the excel sheet as a picture and my vi runs exactly as expected. But when i build into the exe, the picture wouldn't display out. I've made sure the path is correct and there is no error shown for the exe. I also tried to debug and i found out that the sheets invoke node have some problem. The value that came out from item is 0 in exe while in vi, there's a certain value that came out. I do not know why is this happening. I've read other forums and tried to do what they had said, I tried to rebuild m
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