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  1. Below is what I've done but it's quite messy though. My original table is a non-pivoted table, so the front part of my labview gives the result of the first table in which the table is pivoted. The last for loop is where I'm stucked.
  2. Hello ! I've been trying to solve this problem for two days and I really need help on this. So I have a weekly progress table as below : As long as there's already a non-empty column for the PES #, the rest of the empty column after that non-empty column needs to show 0%. How should I do this? I need to make it into this table as below: Thank you so much in advance !
  3. Hello MikaelH, Could you post the screenshot of the labview code? Cause I couldn't open your file as my labview version is older than yours. Thank you so much for your help.
  4. Hello! I'm having trouble to do this horizontal grouped stacked bar charts in LabVIEW as shown in first picture above and I tried to search online but I can't find any solutions for this. As of now, I have successfully did the horizontal stacked bar charts for one category only (TestingLeadTime, SubmissionLeadTime & ApproveLeadTime), but i can't do it for grouped category. The second picture is my data while below is my LabVIEW coding and also the current result. Anyone knows how to get both my LeadTime and ActualTime as a grouped stacked bar charts? Thank you so much in advanced
  5. Sadly I must use labview. There's other program that needs to be combine together with this.
  6. I've never use .NET and this was originally done by my senior. I will try to use .NET now. Thank you !
  7. Nope, the sheet index i already set to 1 as default and the count of shapes is 1 as well. I actually debugged the exe, and the problem that i found is at the sheets invoke node. The output of item is 0 in exe while in vi, the output has a certain value. But i just don't know why is this happening.
  8. Hello, I'm quite new to LabVIEW and I've encountered a problem with ActiveX. I need to display the excel sheet as a picture and my vi runs exactly as expected. But when i build into the exe, the picture wouldn't display out. I've made sure the path is correct and there is no error shown for the exe. I also tried to debug and i found out that the sheets invoke node have some problem. The value that came out from item is 0 in exe while in vi, there's a certain value that came out. I do not know why is this happening. I've read other forums and tried to do what they had said, I tried to rebuild m
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