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  1. Why not use the LabVIEW's native Application Directory VI? This automatically takes into account if you are in development mode or runtime (exe). Application Directory VI Owning Palette: File Constants Requires: Base Development System Returns the path to the directory containing the application. If you call this VI from a stand-alone application, this VI returns the path to the folder containing the stand-alone application. If you call this VI from the development environment and the VI is loaded in a LabVIEW project file (.lvproj
  2. Installed Compare to Disk Tool using VI Package Manager on LV2017. Did a mass compile on the C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2017\project\OpenG folder When click on Tools-->OpenG->Compare VI to Disk, it opens the copy from disk, but does not launch the compare tool. The OpenG folder contains two libraries, Compare VI To Disk.llb and _Compare VI To Disk_internal_deps.llb. When I try to open the "compare_vi_to_disk__compare_vi_to_disk.vi" in the Compare VI To Disk.llb I get the following error "Make sure that the compare to disk library is located in
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