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  1. Wasn't there something in the NI rebrand/one of the partner meetings shortly afterwards, about them having NI certified products from third parties. I can't remember what they called it but from memory it was basically a scheme where NI may push your 'solution' using their regional representatives (Or whatever their frontline sales people are called now) Note: the above is full of half remembered facts from things I was only half paying attention to at the time so might be total drivel.
  2. I have had problems recently with the 'Save for Previous Version' when running 2019. It turns out I had used a Map in my code. It looks like LV2019 freezes up rather than giving you the normal error message that your VI's contain features incompatible with the version you are saving to. I am assuming that it would do the same for a set.
  3. Personally, I don't mind the logo, or the colour scheme. I prefer the old colours and logo, but no one likes change do they What I resented a little bit is that the webcast has been promoted for about a month, promising 'something extraordinary' In my opinion what was delivered wasn't extraordinary, it was 50 minutes of my life that I won't get back. It offered no value to NI's customers, brought no knew knowledge to the table and just felt like was repeatedly been hit in the face with a PR and marketing hammer. There isn't a problem promoting the amazing things people do
  4. I am trying to solve two problems, in the same application. I am open to alternatives because I am really not happy with how it is working at the moment. I need to get live image data from 3-4 cameras to about 30 clients on a WiFi network simultaneously. Originally I planned on doing this by transmitting the JPEG binary data via UDP multicast which works well on a wired network but I was getting to many dropped fragments (and therefore dropped datagrams) over WiFi for it to be useful. I can't use TCP because there would not be enough bandwidth to do that to 30 clients. I started looking i
  5. Thanks for posting this. I am trying to use FFmpeg in LabView as well (Proving to be a real pain but this has made it a lot easier!!) Do you find that closing the FFmpeg isntance sometimes causes LabView to crash, especially if FFmpeg hasn't started processing frames yet so sending q doesn't work (Whilst it is waiting for a stream for example) My shutdown process is to send a'q' character, if the process has exited that's fine, if not send a ctrl-c. In this case I am finding that whilst the FFmpeg instace ends the wait on exit either hangs indefinitely or causes LabView to crash and
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