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  1. Thanks all for these great and detailed responses! I'm definitely aware our current offering has a lot of areas of improvement. MarkCG - Yes, I still have all the notes from our interview, but appreciate the summary reiterating what we talked about. PiDi- Thanks for your summary of your system. I'm glad to hear you like LabVIEW, though understandable that the lack of machine control and industrial automation is disappointing. NXG is where a lot of investment is now, so most likely (and I can't say anything definitively at this point) any improvements in this area will happen there first. Sam- This is really helpful, I appreciate that the feedback is so logically laid out. You mention that it supports only CoE. Would there be other protocols/CAN implementations that you would would also like to see? It does seem like CAN isn't the problem. Michael Aivaliotis- Thanks for this insight. I've heard many mention the topology as a problem, but appreciate the way you've spelled this out. For testing I only have one 3rd party slave device (working from home like many people, it's harder to get equipment). Having a description of the behavior is very helpful.
  2. Admins- if this isn't appropriate for these forums, please let me know! Hello Lava forums, I'm a Product Support Engineer at NI and I'm part of a team trying to gain a better understanding of what customers want out of their EtherCAT systems. We want to know what kinds of systems customers use in order to improve NI’s EtherCAT software offerings in the future. If you or your company uses EtherCAT, whether NI or 3rd Party, we would love to hear about your experiences. This survey will be completely anonymous and should take less than 10 minutes, depending on your particular setup. If you have a lot to say about EtherCAT, we’re here to listen! There will be a space for your contact information at the end of the survey. You can also feel free to comment on this post, as well as send me a private message. https://survey.sogosurvey.com/r/PNeq9E Thanks for taking a look! Zofia Kaminski Application Software Product Support Engineer | NI
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