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  1. It seems that the problem is still present. To import this WSDL http://ws.openecard.org/schema/ISO24727-3.wsdl causes the following error message: Is this not the general idea of a Web Service that it runs platform independent? Is there maybe any workaround for this issue?
  2. Is there actually still no way to import (vector) graphics / shapes into LabVIEW which can be colored programmatically?
  3. I tried to import a vector graphic from Inkscape to LabVIEW 2013, but it does not give me proper results. It looks more like a pixel based format as a vector image. WMF looks worse, it is even smaller and it came into LabVIEW with different dimensions after the import compared to EMF. Any idea how I can improve this vector import to LabVIEW? (copy/paste via clipbord from Inkscape to LabVIEW does not work) Rotary XY achsis control - normal.7z
  4. A search for "wmf" or ".wmf" does not show any results, even there is content in the forum which have these words included.
  5. I had to add the files then manually to the project that they also get packed into the application builder setup / bult directory. I think the easiest way ist to add all the files to an folder an to add then the folder to auto-populating to the project. Then all the files will automatically show up in the data folder of the built directory.
  6. Thanks guys, i missed that with the assembly location. https://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361R-01/lvconcepts/net_defaults/ If I add the vi to a project, then it shows there up as dependency and the VI works properly. I noticed that I have to open the project first and then the VI and not the other way around. It also works fine if i put the DLLs into the LabVIEW.exe directory. Thanks again for your help.
  7. It shows me it is valid for both platforms. There is a utility with it to create these .CLF template files which I want to use and where the user can change the layout later, content data should get populated into it by LabVIEW. I run into an error just loading this template file without adding any data to it.
  8. Sure, this is the printer driver, the printer is connected via RS232: https://www.citizen-systems.co.jp/en/printer/download/driver-windows-en/pmu2xxxiiip_v3501E.zip This is the SDK with documentation and examples: https://www.citizen-systems.co.jp/en/printer/download/sdk-layout/sdk-layout-windriver_V1400E.zip I wanted to re-create the "sdk-layout-windriver\Sample_WinLayoutSDKviaPrinterDriver_en\VCS2010\Sample1" in LabVIEW. It already fails at the "Open()", even the file exists and the file works with the "Sample1" software which came with the SDK. There is a strange behaviour with the constructor node, I have to select the according DLL files 2 times that the constructor gets valid.
  9. It would be good to have the option "Boarder" on images which you add to a post. Right now are just these image options available, but no border options.
  10. Hi guys, maybe you can help me there with an .NET issue. I try to use the Controller.Open() method from the Citizen.LayoutUtilities.Printing, but it always reports -1 as an error. There is no LabVIEW error on the constructor or invoke node and the c# example works fine. This is the Citizen SDK with the manual and examples: https://www.citizen-systems.co.jp/en/printer/download/sdk-layout/sdk-layout-windriver_V1400E.zip There are also c# examples included in the SDK which work without problems with the same path/file. The call as well as the sample code looks not that complicated, not sure what is causing the problem. I did notice also another strange behaviour with the DLL selection of the constructor. Adding contructor, choosing DLL the first time: If I choose the DLL the first time, then the constructor node seems not to to be refering to the DLL. It's empty and property and invoke nodes do not show anything. I have to chose then again "Select Constructor..." and select the according DLL again, then I can access invoke and property nodes by the constructor reference without problems. The second time it works and the node is reffering to the DLL. I tried it with LabVIEW 2013 as well as with 2020. Any idea what could be wrong?
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