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  1. The error from example "... Parameters in Execute.vi" was due to a whitespace in the CREATE TABLE section: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Log (Time, Value,Note); didn't work CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Log (Time,Value,Note); works now. Apparently Linux is sensitive to whitespace... And YES, removing the generated column did also solve for the problem in the "...Timestamps.vi" Example. Thank you!! I would never have expected to get solved this issue today! Now I have to get into SQL, this will take probably more than half a day 😬. For your information: To run the examples on a R
  2. In the meantime this ist the official version though. I'm trying to run some of the examples you made "SQLite Parameters in Execute.vi" and "... Timestamps.vi" on my Industrial Controller IC-3120, running Linux RT but they require quite big changes. Before I get into all the SQL programming I want to make sure that I can use this library on my realtime target with large clusters (as your example shows well enough). My question is now if the problems I have could be due to LV2017 or how else I can find out which SQL commands work on the target and which don't? I used the ni packages opkg instal
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