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  1. Yeah these controllers are quite limited on space.  I have a 9132 running wes7 and I was able to install LabVIEW 2018 SP1 development, XNet, DAQmx, and VISA support.  After that the drive has very little space left, like 1GB.  If possible a better option is like what JKSH said and to create an EXE and an installer, then just install that on the device instead of the full IDE.  However debugging things wrong with your application is harder when you don't have a VI to just open and debug.  So either option should be possible for you.  If you are generating large logs you can put in an SD card, or a USB drive and log to that.  It is also a full featured OS so logging to a network is also pretty simple.

  2. LAVA has been known to strip out that meta data in the past.  I remember one instance where it was seen when the image wouldn't fully fit on the post and it would do some scaling on the server side.  I'll ping Michael but until then I'd recommend attaching the VI.

  3. I'm not a HID device expert (Rolfk maybe?), but there seems to be several DLL wrappers to talk to HID devices, but the best solution is to use NI-VISA and talk to it over USB Raw.  For this you'll need to make your own INF driver using the NI-VISA Driver Wizard (should be installed with NI-VISA).  Then install that driver for your device instead of the one from Microsoft (Device Manager).  For this in Windows 8 and newer you'll need to disable driver verification.  Then the device shows up in MAX, and the Help >> Find Examples and searching VISA Raw will show some examples.




    If you can't or won't use VISA then there are lots of other DLL wrappers but I haven't found one that works as well as VISA with custom driver.

    http://ahidlib.com/pages/programming_labview.php?lang=en (license needed for full?)







  4. It is open source.  It is licensed under BSD, which in layman's terms means you can use it for personal or commercial use, and various attributes must remain in the source, and you can't sue the author (I am not a lawyer).  I think the installed location is <user.lib>\_LAVA\VariantProbe

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  5. Here is a quick and dirty edit.  It allows for column separators to be moved, but I noticed that on resize it will set the column widths.  So this means if you manually move the columns, and then resize the control it may change the columns in an unexpected way.  But at that point you can manually move the separators again.  I only have 2017 and 2018 so this is for 2017 and newer now.


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  6. There's a little bit of Rube Goldberg action going on here, but I think I follow what you are trying to do.  I'd suggest precalculating what all the values are and put that in a subVI.  Then call that subVI and index out the current step that you are on keeping track of it in something like a while loop and a shift register.  Attached is a simple example.  Have you taken any free LabVIEW training online?  Here is some on the LabVIEW Wiki.

    Ramp Pattern.zip

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  7. Oh and lets not forget that some cRIOs now support DAQmx so programming the FPGA part is even more optional.


    Some times I find myself changing what things I want to be done where.  I might start with an idea that certain tasks will be on RT and others on the Windows host, but as time goes on I realize my decision might not have been ideal.  I guess what I'm saying is whatever you do, make sure you let your design be flexible enough, that a total rewrite isn't needed if some part of your software needs to be done on a different target than first intended.

  8. 8 minutes ago, Jordan Kuehn said:

    Agreed with a lot of the above. Also, I tend to download lots of the attachments that seem interesting, promptly forget about them, and then months later rediscover them and think "hey that would have been nice to have used weeks ago".

    Oh yeah I forgot I used to do this.  I'd download things and just throw them into a sandbox folder where I could play around with stuff people posted and see if I can mine any reuse nuggets out of.  I'd try to make a text file with a link to where I found it online, but searching the name of the VI in google was usually enough to find where it was being discussed.  Still this is less about what OP is asking, and more just myself trying to find and use useful tools.

  9. For the most part I just use Google, and the fragments of memory I have.  Someone will post something and I'll be like "That sounds familiar, did I help answer a similar question once?" and I'll search "(topic idea) hooovahh site:lavag.org".  Beyond that I do have a list of commonly asked questions that I bookmark.  Chrome settings are synced if you are logged in so I have a few folders with common links to various threads that I add to from time to time.  Sorry I don't have some super magical RSS tool.

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  10. I think this is exposing one of the issues NI had with XNodes.  One reason I was told by R&D that XNode development had slowed and halted, was due to the fact that XNodes don't work well inside classes, or more specifically they don't work well in libraries.  I couldn't pin point the issue exactly, but it seemed that opening a library would lock the XNode, and opening the XNode would lock the library.  I found some working solutions that were all terrible but I just couldn't get the IDE to work nicely and I suspect an XNode in an XNode has the same issue and I think name space was partly to blame.

  11. 1 hour ago, Aristos Queue said:

    NI has abandoned the goal of trying to get everyone swapped over as fast as possible and is instead focused on getting each piece of functionality right and moving customers over as they become viable. It's a much MUCH saner strategy. 

    That's good to hear, I guess I don't need to use this meme.


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  12. Thanks for the update.  There's lots of reasons to see less activity on the forums.  Life happens, people get stretched, people get bored, people change careers, etc.  I personally try not to take your activity, or others like you, for granted.  And any contribution you make to the community is always appreciated.

  13. I'd disable PC sleeping and hibernation, disable power management, or set it to performance, and make sure USB ports aren't being put to sleep for whatever reason.  Does this happen on all USB ports?  Is this through a hub?  Beyond that do you have any odd software running that might be scanning for USB devices?  Some employers install software to lock down the PC and it could be interacting with it in a weird way.

  14. I'm pretty sure the item selection in that tree means nothing, and setting it to -1 and disabling it might be the best option so not to confuse the user.  All that matters is what items are selected with the checkbox.  And even the checkbox acts like a radio button where only one item can be selected at a time.  You can of course have multiple controls in a QControl, but it will only inherit from one class.

  15. Just for others worried about CLA-R, be sure and look into the Recertify by Points, that Fab mentioned earlier.  The CLA was so hard and I barely passed and never want to do it again.  Luckily I'm certified until 2023, and already have some points towards certifying again.  I realize not everyone wants to put in the time into getting points, and some don't have enough time to get them before certification expires.  But if you have a local LabVIEW user group in your area you get 5 points for attending and 10 for presenting.  You also get 15 points for participating in an NI beta.  This means if you participate in 2 LabVIEW betas, and attend 4 user group meetings a year, you'll have enough points to recertify in 2 years.  But of course valid criticism of NI's recertification is welcome.

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  16. 1 hour ago, Neil Pate said:

    Sure we all have our preferences, but please don't tell me everyone does this manually on new installs? Maybe I just install LabVIEW *way* too many times a year. Coping the LabVIEW.ini file seems like the only sensible option for me.

    Only if you are okay with wiping away all other setting from LabVIEW.  I prefer a package method which edits my LabVIEW.ini leaving the things there that the user or base install has set.  It adds some QuickDrop shortcuts for instance, but if those shortcuts are already taken (because of user preferences) then it leaves them.  On uninstall of the package it removes these shortcuts, but only if they were installed in the first place.

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