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  1. Thank you for the response. I've checked the *.dll and you are right I found out, there is an "unchage" option in the "Set GPIO Values" VI, so it's very easy to implement one Pin opereations, simply making the rest "unchange"
  2. Dear All I would like to set only one GPIO (configured as output) at once, not touching other 3. VIs "set gpio values" and "set gpio settings" only setting all 4 together, right? Or am I missing something? Is there any solution for my problem? P:S: i could read the GPIO status before every setting, and then set the needed one, leaving other 3 unchanged... but this is very "hacky" solution. P.P.S. i'm not very familiar with Labview drivers. How could i create a "set one GPIO" - VI, with GPIO Number and value being set?
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