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  1. Cannot find how to apply to the LabVIEW 2021 Beta program. There are no products listed there https://www.ni.com/support/beta-program/ Is the program started? How do I apply?
  2. Here is very simple VI to read data from Excel using ADO. Excel ADO Query LV8.vi
  3. That was before the arrival of malleable VIs. My LV code is now 100% class free 😂😉
  4. Just wanted to share this. Not sure if this is the best place but better then nowhere! fvi_lib_array_element_last_get.vim
  5. Thanks for the compliment, idiotic was exactly what I was shooting for, but can't speak for rolfk
  6. But what if he lives in a tunnel under an aquarium!?
  7. Was aware of this but was not aware that this was also the case in initialize/replace scenarios. More info on the subject here http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Why-is-indexing-conditional-tunnel-3x-faster-than-shift/m-p/3570173#M999382 Thanks
  8. Why is indexing conditional tunnel 3x faster than shift registers? It must have something to do with some kind of optimization code managing the array allocation, but why can't it do it in both cases? Run attached example. ConditionalIndexingTunnel.vi
  9. If setting the control invisible is aesthetically unacceptable, just put an identical control under the other control.
  10. Don't defer panel updates and set slow control (tree) visibility property to false...do update...set to true. Disabled does not work.
  11. I also suffered from enum reset issues. I developed some update rules to avoids such issues. Always do one action on one item at a time and apply modifications after each update. Example : 1- Change name #1 2- Apply to all 3- Change order #1 to #3 4- Apply to all 5- Delete #5 6- Apply to all 7- Add new item before #4 8- Apply all
  12. Hello, A tool for those who make extensive use of enum type definitions. infoEnum is a donations supported, LabVIEW VI add-on built to help LabVIEW software designers who build complex softwares using enum type definitions to control the different events and actions occurring in the software. It allows to see which enum values are used were and also find the unused ones easily. Details here.
  13. If LVOOP is your baby then i must now admit that you are a pretty good father and i would love to meet the mother! What seemed to be an ugly baby when i first saw it, as grown into a remarkable and attractive young programming tool! It took sometime to see it, but it will now be impossible to back for me! The end of AnotherVIEW to LVOOP...
  14. I will rephrase that to "Part 2 in 0.1 to 74 VENUS days"... When i wrote this analysis it was mostly based on theorethical knowledge...part 2 will be written after having added more practical knowledge using LVOOP... So i have now approximately 47 years left to come up with part 2...
  15. has not set their status

  16. Reply part 1 QUOTE(Aristos Queue @ Aug 28 2007, 09:24 PM) Live/Face to face = multiple communication channels (visual, sound etc...) at an infinite refresh rate eMails/Forums = one communication channel (visual) with at best an average practical refresh rate of 0.0016Hz (10 minutes from send to response) In this thread, the average refresh rate is a magnificient 0.000001509414Hz or 184.030 Hours... It is slower...but as its advantages, like letting things settle down and allowing the thoughts to develop at their pace. It is also less stressful, as slower acquisitions rates puts less st
  17. Salut. LV 8.5 personnal favorite It is possible to create a project of an entire code repositery (librairies and projects) and simply click view caller and subvis on an item to see where it is used and what it uses. Combine with the auto-update folder option, it is possible to open that project to see what will be the repercussion of a change. :thumbup:
  18. QUOTE(Aristos Queue @ May 15 2007, 12:00 AM) What if development was to be organized in a way that there would be a central or master architect on every project that would design the overall architecture of the software and design the clusters at the same time, as there is probably already a lead architect in organized development teams. This architecture would basically consist of a hierarchy of domains and associated actions to be performed on them, by entities of particulat natures. It is believed that this is the basic of all computer programming, performing actions (functions) on dat
  19. QUOTE(Jacemdom @ May 21 2007, 11:48 AM) Delivery date re-revised to 1 to 20 days from now...
  20. Salut. Is it possible to rename a lvclass inside a lvlib programmatically?
  21. QUOTE(Michael_Aivaliotis @ May 22 2007, 08:20 PM) To rephrase the prior question, Does someone know what is the difference between the "Web Browser" version, that cannot be fully unpacked with winzip or winrar, and the contents of the "Runtime Engine" folder that is extracted from the complete package and with the path being LabVIEW_8.0.1_Runtime_Engine.exe\Products\Runtime Engine\lv80rte?
  22. Does someone know what is the difference between the "Web Browser version" LVRunTimeEng.exe 8.0.1 (24MB) and the "Runtime Engine" folder (20MB) included in the complete package 8.0.1 (87MB)?
  23. QUOTE(chrisdavis @ May 21 2007, 09:14 PM) And then a dim light at the end of the tunnel is seen...maybe its the end of the tunnel or...the train! Will look into it and post back the results when available.
  24. Salut. Anyone knows if NI is planning on reducing the run-time engine size? Currently working on a software that is planned to be released commercially (MS Office add-on) for the masses and the engine size is a big drawback. Don't want to advertize "get this little 5MB tool, but for it to work you need to download this 90MB engine, just like Java, but a lot bigger". ActiveX callbacks are not available before 7.0, so it will probably be the chosen version. It is twice as big as 6.0.2, but 4.5 times smaller than 8.2 and the same size as te .NET framework that a lot of people have downloaded. So
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